Me girlfriend and I

1 year ago me and my girlfriend went to a club we was having a good time dancing hanging out with our friends. A guy started trouble and want to dance with my girlfriend. I said no he nag finally my girlfriend said ok. They dance to a song I thought that was it they continue to fame the next song. The next song the guy was grabbing my girlfriend butt. I decided to step in. I said ok that's it stop.they guy said the song is not over my girlfriend said just wait til the songs over. Songs over we sat at the bar the guy came back for another dance. I finally told him leave. My girlfriend said don't be so harch. The guy pushed on me. The bouncer threw us out.we argue with the guy turn out we had a fight. Well he hit me I went down and was knocked out. I woke up. My girlfriend was mad call me a jealous loser. The next day my girlfriend told me she don't want to see me again. She said she is dating teddy. I said who is teddy? She said the guy who beat your ass last night. I don't want a loser like you. And called me a p****. I will find a woman to best her ass soon!

Jul 23, 2020

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