I hate my boyfriends grown kids

I hay boy lives out of been with my bf for 8 yrs now we just started living together. He has 2 grown kids . The boy is 27 , the girl 20, the boy lives out of state (thank God) he is the worst of the two. The girl lives with her mom and stepdad. They do not work , the boy has a BS degree, yet sleeps most of the day. The girl is the same way. He hands them money non stop. Pays rent , etc. Their mom attends my bf family parties and her husband has no idea . So I feel its best not to attend any parties . My bf gets mad at me for not attending these parties.....which they have every 2 weeks ...even during the pandemic . He is okay with the ex at the parties ..I am not
Do you think I am wrong ...I am about ready to just throw in the towel.

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  • Throw in the towel. Run

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