My Mom Wanted a Daughter

Family sucks. That's just how it is as a boy with a mother who wanted a girl instead of a boy. My mom has kicked me in the "boy parts" and watched me fall, squirm, writhe, cry and, if it was a hard knee or kick, throw up since I can remember—like two years old; probably younger before I can remember. She plainly says she didn’t want a boy and has said after hitting me and watching me cry on the floor that she hopes she hit me hard enough to make me a girl. The first time I remember accidentally getting soap in her eyes when we were in the bath together when I was two and she nailed me right in the b**** with her fist and I dropped to the floor of the shower bawling and clutching my parts between my legs. She's always resented me for being a boy and I guess the easiest way to painfully show that is nailing me in the parts that make me a boy. Did it since I was a toddler/baby up until my current teenage years, but the pain is so much I just fall to the floor and cry no matter when it is if it’s hard enough. I just accept that mothers see their sons as less-than their daughters.

PS: I’m now a legal adult where I am.

Nov 4, 2019

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  • Then leave the house boy. But before you do, beat up that mom of yours, curb stomp/stab her in the lady parts and call her a big b**** for mistreating you all this while. Then take her car/cash and GTFO! Congrats, you are a true man now!

  • I’m sorry. That kind of abuse is terrible. Even though your mother is obviously screwed in e head and doesn’t understand love, you are very loved by other humans such as I. I care for others very deeply. The abuse you went through can cause lots of internal trauma.

  • My wife and I dress our son as girl. He's used to it.

  • My parents didn't hit me, but made me always feel like s*** and would tell me they never wanted me. But I got my revenge. When my younger sister was born, everything was done and given to her.

    I never got Christmas presents, she got many, she would get tons of new clothes, I got Salvation Army used clothes.

    At school I still some how was an A student and sis only got C's, but was praised and rewarded.

    I hated all three of them. Then I figured out my revenge. I started sis on weed at 13, by 15 I had her using Meth. At 17 she was using Heroin and f****** guys for cash.

    My parents spent all their money on rehab for her by the time she was 19. I had by then was a lawyer and had a wife and son. Which I love.

    4 years have passed. Sis died from an OD last year. My parents are both 68 now and homeless.

    They came to me begging for help and would not leave my house, both got violent with me. My wife called the cops.

    They were arrested and I pressed charges and they went to prison for a year.

    They have nothing now but misery and no one.

    Good they got what they deserved.

  • Good for you. With luck they will die long miserably deaths.

  • I hear you. My father was a large brutal man. The beating and beat downs were nothing short or pure brutality. I survived it but with a broken spirit from the nonacceptance. I got him back though unintentional. I went on to have kids and we were and are very close and happy. He lived the remainder of his life ashamed. So I tell you put it behind you, get some therapy and then live well it's the best revenge.
    By the way I did not shed a tear when he died and I did not attend my mothers funeral.

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