I'm a lesbian, but I'm afraid that I'm starting to like men.

I came out with my girlfriend when we were both sixteen, a few years ago. While we are both femmes, she's pretty clearly either a lesbian or very alternative to anyone that sees her. I, however, am a little more preppy and traditionally feminine.

Now, to be competely honest... I'm kinda dumb. I'm a blondie, and you know what they say about us lol. But seriously, I'm not booksmart, and I might come off as silly, in an endearing way. Because of that, I've just kinda always agreed with my girlfriend, who is a liberal, very feminist and a little man-hating... But I never reflected a lot on her opinions, opinions that for a long time I've considered mine as well.

Despite being a lesbian, I never stopped appreciating handsome men. To me it was very much like appreciating art: You do it indirectly, it's not like you get turned on by a painting. Because obviously, I only like women, right?

Unfortunately, my gf got stuck on her parent's house in another state during this whole quarantine and I've spent a lot of my time in some chatrooms, theoretically innocent and all that. I befriended a guy there and we soon started to play together and talk through discord, and after a few weeks, he asked if I had a facebook. I sent him my profile and soon enough, he started to shower me with compliments.

I say thanks, and mention that my gf agrees too, and then... He seems surprised that I'm a lesbian. From there, from time to time, he'd drop hints of his opinions: That no women is really gay because there's no biological reason for that, that at best a women might love another platonicaly, that any women that makes out or has s** with other womer are unconsciously doing it for men's attention. At first I might have gotten a little mad here and there, but with time, not wanting to lose his friendship, I guess I actually started to consider it?

It makes some sense, right?

I like p*** lot, but I've always only watched lesbian p***. But not I decided to watch some straight p*** and, where the woman is treated like a s***, being disrespected and all of that, and it turned me so much. It felt, like... Proper, you know? It felt kinda right.

And d****... I've always been so disgusted by them, but I dunno, now I just... Get kinda hungry when looking at them.

S** with my girlfriend has always been so soft, so nice, but now, everytime that she starts yapping about wage gap and all that stuff I just get kinda annoyed, you know? Like she never showers me with attention, with l***.

So... Yeah. I don't know. I still love her, but I don't know.

Aug 1, 2020

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  • Your not a lesbian... your bi... i don't think you can officially call yourself a lez until you're 32 and living with at least three cats a woman at least 280 lbs and have nothing feminine in your closet.
    Don't feel any guilt! Your lez friends are going to turn on you and you'll be kicked out of the club. But be honest with yourself! Much šŸ’˜

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