My wife spanks me over her leather clad knees

My wife is a fair but also very strict woman when it comes to discipline.
She punished me like I am a naughty little boy every time I misbehave.
She always wears her black leather pants when she is going to spank me, because she knows it turns me on to see her wearing her leather pants.
She will sit on a straight back chair with our wooden bathbrush in her leather clad lap and scold and lecture me until my ears are bruning.
Then my wife will bare my bottom while I stand still in front of her with my hands on my head.
When my bottom is bare and ready for a long hard spanking my wife will take the bathbrush in her right hand and tell me to bend over her leather clad knees.
Totally embarrassed and blushing deep red I will obey her and palace myself over her knees and wait for her to start spanking me. My wife will then take my free arm and hold it firmly in palace on the small of my back, so I can not reach back to protect my bare bottom.

Then my strict wife will give me a long, thorough and very hard bare bottom spanking with the hairbrush and I will be red in the face, hoarse from screaming and in the end sobbing like a naughty little boy.

Once my wife stops spanking me and tells me to stand my bare bottom will be bright red, burn and sting like crazy.
I will then be led by my strict wife to the corner and stand there with my well spanked bottom on display.
Running is absolutely not allowed and if my wife catches me doing so, I will be put back over her leather clad knees and given another spanking with the bathbrush.

Only when my wife feels I am contrite enough I will be allowed to lave the corner and rub my stigning red bottom.

Aug 4, 2020

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  • My wife had finally had enough of my misbehaving and being irresponsible. She began outlining rules and items I need to change or there would be consequences. Well I called her bluff and paid the price. She began scolding me and making me go bare ass across her knees for a spanking. At first I thought it was funny but soon realized how painful the spankings could be. She has purchased several implements and uses them effectively bringing me to tears. My behavior has improved significantly and she is much more happy now that she is in total control.

  • My girlfriend and I have found that discipline is very good for our relationship. She uses a thin wooden paddle which does not cause any injury but which makes my bottom sting intensely. After a session across her knee I am only too anxious to obey her and satisfy her!

  • If you're both in agreement on this, it's a wonderfully fun relationship. Well, maybe not fun while you're kicking over her knee.

    Was this idea hers or yours? Which of you suggested that she spank you?

  • I asked my girlfriend, now wife if she would give me a spanking when I did something wrong or misbehave.
    She found it natural and gave my quite a few spankings over her knees. Mostly for fun and foreplay.
    But I needed it to be more real life and I asked her if she would be my disciplinarian and keep me in line with punishment spankings as well.

    She agree to be my disciplinarian, but I had to obey her completely once she decided I needed to be spanked.
    I did and she has been spanking me to tears for more than 16 years now.

    She gives me what I crave and need and I love her for doing so

  • Your wife is very strict, but if you are happy with it, it is fine. More and more women seem to be disciplining their husband or boyfriend nowadays and I think this is a very positive development. Regardless of whether a woman disciplines her partner severely, as in your case, or less severely, the important thing is that she disciplines him on his bottom. There is no danger of serious injury when discipline is applied on this part of the body and the humiliation of being spanked on the bottom is an important element in his punishment.

  • I agree with your wife. It is natural for women to spank us males. They tend to be more mature than us, so it is only right that they put us across their knees when we misbehave. My partner spanks me on occasion, and we know two other couples where the wife disciplines her husband with spankings. It is very good for a relationship and helps avoid having arguments.

  • I've been in relationships where I was spanked regularly, but not in one where it was truly disciplinary. That might be one step too far for me but I know exactly what you're talking about.

    Finding a partner who will give you what you need is difficult. You are truly lucky to have found her and it's clear that you know that. I had (for several years) a woman who would spank me hard in the manner you describe but as play because I asked her too. She was against marriage though, and after a several years moved for work. :( I miss those lectures over her knee.

  • Sorry about that woman moving away. Do you have a girlfriend/wife that spanks you today?
    I know how lucky I am and even though I squirm, kick and sob like a naughty little boy over my wifes knees when she spanks me, I feel loves and cared for afterwards.


  • At the moment no. As you know, they are hard to find - at least a combination of a thrill to be with and still willing to spank you. A woman like your wife is a treasure.

  • It was my idea at first, but my wife has taken to her task as my disciplinarian with firm and strict awerness.

  • It's wonderful that she embraced the suggestion and give you what you need.

  • Well, you two have fun, make sure you’ve got safe words and all that

  • My wife and I have no safe words. That is my idea, as I want her to have total control when she spanks me. Yep it is humiliating and embarrassing to lay over her knees and be spanked like a naughty little boy and yes it hurts and stings bad and I will cry my eyes out before she is done spanking me. But it is how I need and want it to be.

  • My wife always wears a dress. She disciplines me over her lap with her skirt up to bare her legs. Spankings are with my pants and underwear down at my ankles and a hard wooden short handle bath brush applied vigorously to my bare bottom. It leaves me screaming and promising to be good but it never has stopped her from thoroughly spanking me to submission. My bottom is usually deep red and purple when she has finished. Bruises can last over a week and a good reminder that I have been punished soundly. Corner time is bare bottom and can last up to an hour. Afterwards I am required to wear small tight nylon panties for a week as a further reminder to behave. We have a great relationship but when it comes time to discipline me she is very stern and no nonsense which leaves me sobbing and contrite. I wouldn't have it any other way.

  • We are going though similar experiences when our wives spank us.
    For my it is ALWAYS bare bottom over her knees and she does not stop spanking me until I am a sobbing mess laying limb over her knees. It is so embarrassing to cry my eyes out while she spanks me over her knees and I truely feel like a naughty little boy. My bottom is bright red and swollen when I am told to stand after a spanking over my wifes knees. It will sting for 4 or 5 days and I will have black and purple bruised too.
    Corner time after my spankings always takes place and can last up to 30 minuttes, and gives me time to regain my composure and stop crying.

    You are kept somewhat strict er than me with corner time up to one full hour. That must be hard to do.

    My wife does not make me wear panties after spanking me, but I am expected to make an real honest apology to her after she has given me a spanking and I have to thank her for taking time to give me a well deserved spanking.
    That is very humbling and embarrassing to do but I will do it, because not doing so will result in me being put over her knees again and given several dozen spanks with the wooden bathbrush.
    I have only done that once and WILL not repeat such a thing.

  • Be a man you f****** idiot.

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