Caught Masterbating

Im 54, my wifes 12 year old was staying with us for the summer. She caught me masterbating to p*** on the computer, long story short I ended up f****** her then and almost every day until she left, best s** I ever had,.sometimes we do it 2 times. Whats wrong with me?.

Aug 9, 2020

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  • You people bring angry are the ones living in a fantasy world. You impose your imagination of what ssweet young girl is suppose to be like. You've probably haven't been truely intimate with a women too find out that most of them have been having some firm of s** since 9!
    As a male i think i started late at 17. It was a 14 that seduced me into the back seat of my own car. She was dating my 19 brother! I later had at least a dozen 13s many of which i turned down politely. One had an 11 sister that ididn't turn down but at least i didn't go all the way. I've had many older women since and 2 marriages [the first was one i started 'dating' at 14 , virgin] the second i meet when she was 20 and i was 36 told me she was giving head at 9 at f****** at 12. We did a lot of swinging together. Were still married I'm 57 now.
    Btwn that i had an 18 at 47 and about 6 28s that all said they stared around 10 doing something and f****** around 12ish. I've had three 9s all flirt, flash and grope me. Had i been a perv I'd have f***** many of your daughters and I'd probably have done some time by now.. of course you liberals and your backassward way of thinking would have me out already to roam the streets.
    Any way, sorry if you had to do a lot of math but in short the saying 'girls mature faster' is true. But i don't think some of you know what that really means. It's a hard pill to swallow buy so true! Protect and teach and love your daughters.
    But threats and violence will put you behind bars longer than the perv. He'll be out doing them again while you are in the jail showers afraid to pick up the soap. You guys wishing death on people? I suggest you venture out of your parents basement more. Get some real world experience.

  • You should go to prison she is a child

  • Yes it’s wrong but she still f***** with him ?

  • What's wrong with you!!! I know what's wrong!!! I need to best the ever living s*** out of you!!!!

  • Beat

  • Why was it the best s** you ever had ?

  • I sincerely hope that this is simply a sick fantasy and not a true confession.

  • Chester the molester

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