Pandemic Affair with 48yr old Neighbor

This confession is lengthy. I realize there is no excuse for infidelity but my marriage is doomed and would like to get the entire story out there.
I’m 24 and started having an affair with my 48yr old neighbor John (not real name) during the pandemic lockdown. He’s HOT, muscular, own’s a general contractor business and lost his wife of 20 plus years in a battle with breast cancer last summer.
My husband’s 26 & a wealth management advisor for a start up company. Since he started this job, he’s obsessed with his career with a goal to retire before 40.
Last year we relocated so my husband could pursue his ‘dream job’ and our marriage has been stressful ever since. My husband came home one day and announced never wants kids & insisted I get my tubes tied. I’m in my 20s and that’s permanent! We argued and I agreed to IUDs. Whatever, it’s rare we have s*x anyway. The house payment is more than we can afford, he leased an expensive Mercedes. His boss, Bob (not real name), talked him into joining a popular country club to ‘network’ on the golf course. Money’s tight.
I thought he was being nice a month later when he bought me a new dress and gift card for ‘a day at the spa’ so I could have my hair, makeup, mani and pedi before his company’s Customer Appreciation Christmas banquet at a hotel in the city. BTW: The dress was WAY TOO short, it looked like something you’d wear to a club barely covered my butt. I wore shorts underneath. On the drive, he said I’d be the only wife there, the women are ‘friends’ or Tinder dates. Bob was going to bring a ‘date’ but asked if I be his guest for the evening because he makes comments about my ‘sexy legs’ and firm body. My husband agreed. Then TOLD me to be ‘extra friendly’ because he told Bob our marriage is open! It get’s better…. He said, “Bob will get ‘touchy feely’ and probably ask you back to his room and I want you to know I’m cool with it. PLEASE do whatever he asks. This could propel my career.” My mind was spinning. My husband is pimping me out! I’d never agreed to go if this was his plan. I got sick to my stomach and asked to go home. We sat in the parking lot and argued. I almost called an Uber to take me home but I agreed to go and handle things myself and hope it not as bad as it was sounding.
It was exactly what I expected. Bob is total s*****! His hands were all over me. Glad I wore shorts under the dress. I got the ‘hand slide’ many times while my husband ‘networked’. Bob asked me back to his room many times to do coke and have s*x. I politely declined but he kept insisting. He asked if I’d remove my shorts the next time I went to the restroom so he could fell my ‘smooth a$$’ I lied and said, I’m on my period. He asked if we could hookup when things clear up. I politely brushed him off. I felt violated and sick afterward. This was when I first realized our marriage was over and began researching how to divorce.
A few weeks later, my husband said I ‘look too natural’ and should try going blonde with lip injections. A doctor at the banquet said he’d love to opportunity to give me some ‘improvements’, promised a good rate on a b*** job and to re-work my nose! I’m a slim 5’ 11’ B cup MIDDLE SCHOOL TEACHER! Those ‘improvements’ would make me look like a p*** star! I cried over the nose job comment. I don’t know where that came from. After a long argument, he apologized and backed off. This when I knew we were heading for a divorce.
The pandemic began, my husband converted a room into an office and started working at home. All day I could hear him screaming on the phone arguing with clients to keep investing because they’re buying cheap right now. He joined an online gaming site, stays up all night & drinks energy drinks.
Since I’m not a permanent employee, I was drawing unemployment. He started complaining about my job and degree because I don’t bring much money home. I’m stressing too because due to things going on right now I don’t know if the school system will call me back to work.
During the April lockdown, I noticed John outside running. I used to run in high school so I thought I pick it back up. I went over to talk with him and the next morning and we jogged together. WHEW! He was patient but I need more practice. He invited me into his garage for water and cool off. Work has been slow for him and since the gyms are closed he re-arranged some work-out equipment in his garage. It looked like a cross fit gym. I asked my husband to join hoping he would take a break from his stressful day but I got a firm NO!
John and I started running in the morning then weights in his garage afterward. I noticed John’s blue eyes checking me out and loved the attention. We started flirting. As the weather got warmer, I’d wear a sports bra & shorts. During squats, I asked him for help just to feel his muscular hands around me and often brush against my butt. I’ll admit it felt arousing.
At home, I tried to make my husband jealous. I said, “Do you care if I work out with John at his place?” The reply, “I’m not jealous of that old man. You know he didn’t go to college. People without a college education shouldn’t be allowed to own a business owner. I bet he needs a purple pill to get it up.”
It’d been months since I last had s*x. The next day, John invited me inside to show me his kitchen remodel. We went to the bedroom and had s*x. Then we started having s*x each day.
When the lockdown ended, we began taking rides in the country on his Harley. Three month’s passed, we still run together, have lots of s*x and starting to connect. The neighbors have an idea what’s going on but not my husband. LOL I’ve tried talking to my husband but he tells me to leave him alone.
John texted that had everything for a Mediterranean salad and asked me over for dinner. I suggested we make it together. I did my hair, makeup, put on the short black dress (no shorts this time. lol). I told my husband, “I’m going to John’s for dinner.” Wearing his VR goggles, all I got was, “Have fun with the old man.” He never noticed or cared I was wearing the dress.
John LOVED the dress and I didn’t wear it long. LOL He pulled me to his bedroom and we had s*x then made dinner together. In the kitchen, I said ‘this feels like a date.’ Things got heated. I straddled him, he carried me back to the bedroom and we had s*x again. This time it was passionate! OMG! I’ve NEVER had an experience like that before! tmi: he sent me over so many times! He begged me to spend the night but I went home around 1:30am. Wish I had stayed. My husband was still gaming and never noticed.
I sound like a total b*tch but John has a larger p****, knows how to pleasure and gives amazing oral! BTW: He DOES NOT need a pill to get it up.
Things are about to get crazy! A few days ago, my husband had a panic attack and epic meltdown. The US Treasury and IRS plan to conduct an investigation into Payroll Protection Program loans he worked on. He’s on paid leave with suspended accounts until the matter is resolved. He’s video conferencing with lawyers everyday and said there’s a possibility of jail time. I have a feeling this is not going to go well for him.
I should feel bad but I don’t. Since he started this job, he changed & I don’t know him. He made a point to have everything put in his name after we got married. Thank goodness!
Before the pandemic, I was considering divorce. Thankfully, my 03’ CRV is paid for and only in my name. No matter how it turns out, I’ve made a good in John and we’re having amazing s*x.
I have a supportive family. John’s told me I can crash at his place if something goes down, need to leave if our home get’s raided. lol Actually, John asked me to move in full-time. I know this no excuse for cheating and I’m sure haters will comment but my husband did tell his boss our marriage is ‘open’ back in December. lol I don’t want to come across as a complaining, ungrateful, cheating b*tch wife. Again, sorry it’s so long. I felt better after typing this confession.

Aug 9, 2020

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  • Honey, enjoy it.

    An experienced man if hard to top. The only thing better would be 2 young BBCs

    Either way you can’t go wrong. Enjoy life

  • I'm sorry but I have to admit I LOVED banging with my husband's bosses to help my husband's career when we were young. I know it's horrible, but after living it, I wish it was common and socially acceptable. My time basically started out the same way, but we didn't have Tinder, internet or even computers. Luckily, I was given a lot of advanced warning and wasn't coerced.

    When I was first warned of "Key Parties" at his work socials I didn't believe it. The rumors were that only couples that participate in them tended to get promoted. My husband said he wanted us to do it, but left it up to me.

    I knew I wanted to try it if it was real. The thought was a huge turn on but the downsides freaked me out as there was a LOT of bad possible outcomes. The first party, I was aware of what was really going on, I made sure I wouldn't cave in by not shaving and wearing my period panties and worst bra underneath. I was so aroused that if I had just shaved I would have caved to my urges.

    The next party, I was eager and very ready. The guy whose keys I got wasn't better than my husband in any way. If he had asked me out, before I was married, I would have ignored him. The situation of it all was enough for me to loudly rock his world for all I was worth. When he fell asleep I still felt wired. Without a stitch on, I wandered through his whole house with all the lights on. I can't explain why but I wanted his neighbors to see me. Because I was up so late snooping I was woken up by his returning wife in the morning. She was nice and the three of us had a nice long talk and told me the truth of it all over breakfast.

    There were no Adult couple parties with the top bosses. The bosses call participating wives for casting couch type interviews. Great interviews MAY result in promotions. As I got into it, I kept waiting for guilty feelings to come but they never did. That all stopped when the company was sold. I miss those times

  • That is so hot. Could you post some separate confessions with those bosses specifically? :) What industry was your husband working in?

  • Burn it down. First of all, f*** that f***. Go f*** his boss that wanted it, but the him up expecting one thing then beat his ass! Then spit soda on his feet and leave room. After that go f*** sexy neighbor send pictures too d*** husband. Go start over in a big city like Reno nv

  • Your husband broke his vows a long time ago. You're living as just a roommate.
    I say you made a great choice and lucky your new man happens to be next door,!
    Probably moved there for that reason. All is coming together for you.
    As an older man 56 to wife 39 We truly adore our women as i would with a woman my own age and did in my first marriage but the world had already programed her to be like your hubby ...
    I'm really happy for both of you and though the s** is amazing im sure it's on a deeper more real level!
    Later if he did go limp, then you can talk about an open marriage. If that even comes up as a thing. By then you two will be so close, bonded and truly in love that it won't hurt but enhance your marriage.
    Until then, live in love as you deserve and have many kids! ;)

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