Why oh why.

Last night my boyfriend and I were doing the dirty and his room mate walked in, My boyfriend kept going and I was all shy and nervous but his friend watched for a minute or two then I think my boyfriend nodded for him to join. I was distracted trying to cover what I could but, I was also in the midst of having s** and all of a sudden he slid his c*** across my lips, I turned my head but my boyfriend turned my head back, I looked at him wide eyed as if to say "NOOO" but he just smiled and nodded and eventually I did it.
So yeah, Multiple positions and an hour later I had been tagged by my boyfriend and his room mate and yes his room mate f***** me. I feel dirty, used, and embarrassed.

Aug 11, 2020

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  • Sexual assault

  • I am a woman and there is nothing like a threesome I felt like a s*** for a while after three days later my boyfriend called with three friends I was up for it it was the best ever they kept changing holes, taking three at once is the best ever having s**** shot in every hole, after I felt I felt like used piece of meat, but I cant stop one man will never enough, once you have taken more than one any less is not satisfying

  • Agreed. And if you have had multiple BBCs at the same time you will never be satisfied with anything less in size or number.

  • I'm so sorry that this happened to you. talk to your boyfriend and tell him it's not okay, he should have checked with you first. he should have got an enthusiastic yes from you. This would ruin my trust in my boyfriend and I would probably break up with him over it, if it were me...

  • I'm jealous. I know others that have had that, but I haven't

  • You say, "I feel dirty, used, and embarrassed." Lucky you. What's the problem?

  • There is no reason to feel dirty. You did nothing wrong.

    Did you enjoy it? I hope you did eventually enjoy it as their are many women including myself that fantasize about such an opportunity.

  • Why the f didn’t you say “no”? Why don’t women just say no. You’re not in prison. You have choice.

  • Nasty!

  • You are sick and disgusting like h***

  • My college roommate and I both shared our girlfriends with each other. In fact, my wife was his girlfriend first and we shared her a while.

  • I'm a virgin. It's very expensive to be. I belong to God.

  • And I’m sure you loved the experience. Why? Because you really waned this to happen, enjoyed the s** with both of them, and now you are saying you feel embarrassed. Come on! If you had the chance to do it again I’m sure you will do it.

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