I was in the library

This is not embarrassing for me. But for the other person. This woman butt stank and she knew that. Women need to wash the butt before they leave the house at all times. Its too hot to be walking around smelling like dookey. i was sick to my stomach. I went to the bathroom to vomit. I left work early. I told my boss, if women cant wash the butt, i will not come back to work. It dont make no sense. I wouldnt eat the p****. And i dont like p****. That junk stank and ugly. Women get it together. No man dont want to be around you like that. Thats why i have no friends and single. I hate odor.

Aug 11

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  • Comedian

  • B******, you better start washing that ass or there will be no s** from me.

  • On then, I will not wash. Come smell me you dirty little boy. Come to mommy.

  • Keep your ass and p**** clean and I will come to you

  • This post is hilarious for so many reasons. Pure comical genius.

  • Douche

  • I hate to be rude or nasty. She is in the wrong place. She should seeking a doctor. Not looking for a book.

  • She might bacterial infection or vaginal disease. Maybe a serious STD. Women grow up. Was your a$$. I'm tired of hearing people talk about how women woohoo smell nasty.

  • Ladies, clean yourself. That's just nasty. I been around a few of those. But I cut throat. I don't have time for this. Grown women, do the hygiene thing. Go buy some. Check out the stores.

  • About20 years ago I was working at a KMart store in the warehouse area, which was o.k. with me because it kept me away from people. But a few times a day I would have to come out to the floor to check stock or restock. Or i might have to carry something large to a custommers vehicle. One day I was carting two big boxes to a woman's car for her and I smelled this same stench you wrote about and it made me actually hurl like you did. I thought she was actually decomposing. It was god freaking awfull. Worse than skunk butt. Worse than vulture breath. I've never understood how a woman could not smell that on herself.

  • For one thing. Why This woman butt smell like dodo

  • What is This human talking about. I don't get it.

  • OP is so closeted he's in Narnia, either that or he's so ugly even his mommy won't kiss him

  • This is not cartoon. This is real. The women don't know how to clean them body. Or just plain lazy.

  • Me caveman speak good

  • Damn straight, C!

  • They just need to wash that t*** before they go out that house! yall grotesque yo!! ewwwwwww!

  • They need to go to the doctor.

  • Amen brudda!

  • And the rest of you need to go back to elementary school!

  • Little girl, be quiet, your butt prolly smell like dirty gsrbage, but don't get ad, truth hurts.

  • You know for a fact that was a female? No you do not. Now keep making stupid noises like a good little r3tard! NOW!!

  • Now why would a man say that. Women are too vocal.

  • Like you, OP? Who can't go a single day without whining about women and white people? You really don't do introspection very well, do you. (Ask an adult what that big word means, then come back here and make a stupid illiterate remark about it as usual)

  • White karen is always angry

  • That's why I don't work with women. And I'm anti women. I should thank my step dad for teaching me to hate women. And I'm a woman.

  • I would love to have you crap in my mouth.i would taje grest pleasure in eating your p***.while sucking on your v****

  • I would have offered to lick her butt to clean it

  • Just reading that smell so bad to make me sick. icckkk.

  • You must get lonely for a man.

  • I doubt that.

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