Our fun story..

Enjoy the story of my s** life:
4hrs that is my record for how long I have been straight up F***** by my DH and how many hrs I have spent coming, we only made it to 4hrs one time, he was trying to get me to 5 but it's probably never gonna happen we did have a few other around 3 1/2 but my legs get sore from holding them up in the air we bought a strap to hang from the ceiling and that dose help some..
There have been about 50 times over the years that we have done around 3hr's, 2hr's probably well over 100, and 1hr too many to count DH is the one that has been keeping track as he has made it his hobbie to make me c** :) and he enjoys watching I enjoy sharing my body with him it is huge turn on to me that he is the only person that will see me take a pounding like that and keep coming.. He was trying to make me c** until I stopped or could no longer walk guess that is not possible,
I used a stop watch and timed it paused it during breaks so that is how I know..
We use Toys a lot it all started one night when we first started living together, This one time I said lets play a game, it's called p**** surprise, I put on a blind fold and you put things in my p**** and I will try and guess what they are he smiled and said okay.. so we did, first there was some pens, a banana and then there was a glass coke bottle on the shelf he grabbed that and started f****** me with it, I came a lot squirted all over the place my eyes rolled back in my head and my p**** started throbbing.. And I had him stop and f*** me, we went at it often with that lovely bottle for a few years, then we began looking for other things to use, we never did shop for adult toys not sure why? he started making them from empty shampoo and hair spray bottle and used rubbers to make bumps on them used a cord from the something that no longer worked and some super glue to make bigger bumps then layers of rubbers, the toys did get rather large and I took them all he found that I can't be f***** louse but my p**** has gotten tighter as the mussel's have gotten stronger there have been some times I went for an hour with no ky only at the start, he would tell me to say when I needed more my squirting p**** would keep it lubed some, says he still can't believe I went that long with no ky, just kept coming after a while my p**** become rough and makes for some good f****** he says some days I was sooo sore though I could barely tolerate him inside me for a few min so we would have a quicky or two the next day the roughness would last for a few days to a week the soreness would ease up after a day or so..
Sometimes I felt like I failed by not making it to 5hrs, but I was like guess we will have to try again or id be like I did make it 3hrs so that is something..
last year we took a break from it for a while and he has admitted to me that his shoulders got super sore and sometimes he was glad when I was done and says he can't throw for s*** now his arm is ruined now he says if I ever want to go 3 hrs or more again we will have to buy a s** machine to use cause he's done being my machine :)
After our break we began using one toy some and we do it until I feel satisfied or done this can be 30min to an hour, and I'm making him do a lot more licking, so there is licking then fingering then f****** with the toy repeat it is then he f**** me pretty fun then some f****** the next day... it takes a few days for the roughness to come up but there not been any soreness and I get to a good sensitive to ware I c** nearly the whole time he is inside me...
When we first got married we would f*** everyday and people told us it was the honeymoon stage and it would never last and well in my mind I thought why not see how long we can make it last 641 days was our first streak 750 days our 2nd that is how many days in a row we spent f******, the toy stuff is mixed in there some ware :)
I like the look on peoples face when he tells them we do it nearly everyday and they say that will never last and he says we have been married 19 years giggle..

Aug 11, 2020

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