He has no idea.

I think me and my mom are both infatuated with my friends dad, He is a tall, Well built guy, Always super nice to me and also to my mom, My mom and his wife are like best friends and I am friends with his daughter so one or both of us are over there often. One time a year or so ago I went into my moms room and her phone was left open to a conversation with his wife, She was complaining about him and how he always is bothering her to "Get some" and my mom was in the shower. I read through and my mom was obviously fishing for information and my friends mom had said "He thinks just because he has a big d*** I should want to be on it every night", My mom said a couple things and then said "Wait...What?, How big", There was a 5 minute gap in the conversation but then my friends mom said "Big" and my mom said "Oh come on, You can't say that and then not tell me".
I was at the end of the conversation and I seen her type and stop then type and stop and then she said "Promise not to tell anyone else?", I was like (Damnit) I waited and waited and nothing, I heard the shower shut off and snuck out of the room, I waited and waited and three days later I got a chance to look in moms phone again after I asked her to use her phone to take some pictures outside, She unlocked it and I went straight to a private spot. I had to scroll way back to get to where I had left off (They talk a lot) and started reading, My mom promised not to say anything and my friends said "8 inches", I had no idea how big that was but my mom said "OMG, No way", there was some back and forth and they were both complaining for different reasons and then mom said "No way, He is not THAT big", My friends mom said "You HAVE to delete this", My mom said "Ok" and then a blank and my mom said "bahahahah, yeah right, that's a sock or something", My friends mom said "Look at it, it's obviously a d***", my mom kept saying there was no way and then another blank and she said "Oh my F'ing god, Is that for real him", My friends mom said "Well, look at the pictures, I cropped them but It's in our closet so unless I have a boyfriend which I DO NOT need....DELETE these now please, If he ever found out I sent his to you he would freak" and some more conversation.
I was like NOOOOOOOO, What the F mom, come on, I was 15 and had seen a few in pictures but the idea of a real life one had me all worked up, Thats when I realized my mom had maybe saved it somewhere, I went to her pictures, Nothing, Deleted pictures, Nothing, I scrolled through her apps and found a "Vault", My mom is so predictible...The last 4 numbers of our house phone and I was in. Ahem, So...My mom is a perv and keeps stuff she probably shouldn't keep on a phone, 17 pictures and 2 videos, One banging and one BJ, A little disturbing to watch your parents bang but 4-5 pictures of her before and after having her b**** "Upgraded" 5 years ago, A couple pictures of my dad's weiner and then I found them and my mind was boggled, I reorganized her pictures so his and my dads picture was side by side with a similar stance of his and I flipped back and forth.
My dad was full hard, Pointing straight up and he was half hard sticking straight out, My guess would be double, length and width or thickness or whatever you call it, My friends mom had sent three pictures and I just sat there staring at them. It took me like a month before I figured out how to transfer them without my mom knowing but I now have them on my phone stored away in a hidden location, and that's about when I started playing with myself to his pictures and apparently I am not the only one. I walked in on my mom one afternoon when she apparently thought I wasn't home and she screamed, threw her phone, bolted for the bathroom, Grabbed her robe and came back saying "Oh my god, What are you doing here", She quickly grabbed her phone but not before I seen that she had it open to his pictures.
Last month We were all camping together and my friends dad had been working on something under their camper while my dad sat on a chair handing him tools, It was getting a bit later and was dark by the time he had finished, He crawled out from under their camper and asked my friends mom to get him the stuff to shower since he was all dirty, He headed to the showers and we were all sitting around, I told my mom I had to use the bathroom and our camper was 4 stalls away in the same direction as the showers. I told my friend I would be back and walked down the road, I looked back and no one could see me so I snuck to the public bathrooms.
I knew from eavesdropping on my brother and his friend that there was a way to peek into the showers, It was like 10:30 or 11:00 so it was pitch black and I snuck to the back of the building and looked around, I found the spot they talked about and crawled up, I wasn't tall enough to see in but had a lightbulb moment, I went to the wood pile nearby and found a log split in half, Carried it back and set it on top then stood on that and BAM...
I peeked over the wall and he was right there in the stall next to where I was was, I crawled down and moved the log then crawled back up, OH MY F, I was like 10 feet away, Maybe not even and he was washing his hair, I watched his huge c*** sway as he showered and then the water shut off, I pulled out my phone and knelt down, turned the light off and opened the video camera, i stood back up and started taping which sucks with no light and its hard to keep it focused but I managed, He grabbed some more change and I heard him plunk it in and the water started back up. He lathered up and rinsed off then he poked his head out from the shower and looked around, he closed the curtain and lathered up his huge c*** again and started whacking off, I am sure my eyes were just about bugging out of my head, I zoomed in a bit closer and watched as he stroked and then stood over the drain and shot what I assume is a huge load, He stood there stroking and squeezing his b**** and when he had finished coming he rinsed off and stood there under the water for a couple minutes and then sighed and got out.
I bolted to our camper in the dark and then waited a couple minutes until I heard footsteps and walked out onto the road, He was walking along and jumped a bit then said "S***, You scared me", I laughed and we walked together back to their site. I watched that video over and over and over and did put it on a flash drive but my mistake was not taking it off my phone, There was an issue and my mom had taken away my phone for a few days, When it was time to get it back she made me sit down when it was just us and she started out by awkwardly staring at me then said "We need to talk". Thats when I got the I know you are curious talk and it only got more awkward when she said "spying on people is not ok".
I started shaking and crying completely out of embarassment knowing sshe had seen the video, I was so embarassed and asked what she did with it, She said she deleted it and I looked at her, she asked "what?" and I said "Did you delete the ones you have?" and she said "Oh my god *****....You went through my phone?, We had a bit of an argument about privacy and how it was ok for her to go through my phone but not for me to go through hers, We don't yell when we fight so it was a calm discussion about how those were sent to her and she didn't sneak around spying to take videos of people in private moments, I asked if she deleted it or saved it to her phone and she said "Goodness *****, I deleted it" I asked to see her phone and she refused and I said "Don't think I don't know what you were looking at when I walked in on you".
She sat there staring at me and then said "Ooookaaay", Uh, Never mention that again, also I am a grown woman and what I do or look at when I am....Is none of anyones business", I said "did you watch it?", She said "How would I know what it was?", I said "did you...?" and she said "Oh my god...No" but I could totally tell she was lying and I said "Oh my god, You did" and she was beet red, I left it at that since i have another copy of it but every since then I have caught my mom staring at him multiple times and one time I sat there looking at her for like a full minute as she stared at him in swim trunks and a t-shirt before I said "MOM", She jumped and said "What?", I said "good god, Wipe your chin and cover your nipples", She looked down and they were totally showing right through her bikini.
Another time she was being soooo flirty and the bikini she had on was new and more revealing than the ones she normally wears, When it was just me and her I asked her "Did you buy that with him in mind?", She looked at herself and tugged at it saying "What?, Why?" and I said "Because you are being obviously flirtatious and that bikini shows a lot of skin compared to normal", She scoffed and said "Stop it", I said "Hey, I get it, I just want to know if he is going to be my step dad one day", My mom blushed and shook her head then walked away".

Aug 13, 2020

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  • How old are you?

    If you really like this guy don’t make any moves till your legal.

    If you are legal, talk with your mom. See if you can get him to come over to the house to help with a “plumbing emergency” (it works all the time). Drop an earring down the bathroom sink. Have him undo the drain to extract the earring.

    As he is working have the one of you that showed him to the sink step into the closet and get naked (would be best if that is your mother).

    Then a few minutes after he starts working you come around the corner wrapped in a towel into the bathroom. Act startled and allow your towel to drop. Let out a little scream and say I’m sorry. That will be your moms cue to walk out of the closet nude.

    No man will be able to turn down a mother/daughter romp in the hay. I used this once to bag our new neighbor. No man can turn down a sexy woman in the nude much less two

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