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Someone whom I liked so much is about to leave our batch due to the pandemic. She just said it hours ago that we won't be classmates together and I don't know if I should say something but one thing for sure is that I'll miss her presence. I started to search where her school is and it's just moderate walk for me but quite far and I looked around the places that we can hangout but one thing for sure is that we won't have graduation picture together. I'll cherish it for sure. I know I have no chance in your heart but I still wanted to make you smile. I'll invite you with me in the concert we went last year and get lost in sea of strangers full of awkwardness beneath my heart. I am an introvert whom never told anything about my self and my feelings. I hope you noticed on how I looked at you. I just had stupid decisions when we were together and I am sorry for that but I hoped we still had fun. It was still embarrassing. I remember every moment and will always be in my memory. See you in my imagination for the mean time. See you in my dreams. It must've been a difficult decision and crushing feeling to step onto this challenge in life. You liked to study in that school. It was one of your dream. You won't get that diploma. You'll stand up again and see you again in the same school. Never let go of your dream. Remember that there will always be a way. Try looking at different angle, different path that would lead you. I'll support you and help you as much as I can. But I know you, I know you would stand tall in your darkest feeling. You would still be able to do well unlike me. I know you'll do good. Someday, it would ALWAYS have been.

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