I am a silly niggoid

Since my childhood I knew I am not really truly a human being. At age of 12 it started to be obvious for me we nigas just don't deserve much respect. We are just monkeys meant to work for white race.

So I would vagabond around the neighbourhood and ask white people if they need a dumb n***** kid for doing their housework. Ofc most declined. Who would trust a black nigoid? Yet my fantasy finally came true. Some older white couple let me clean up their yard.

After some time of doing those tasks my father who was one of those less intelligent black man, told me he does not wish to see me serving white people. I told him I want to be a black monkey slave and we end up fighting. In the end until 18 I had to. stop helping white race. But my mother was supportive. She would sometimes glance at the sunset and say: "We black people should have never leave the jungle"

After hitting 18 I left my home and got a job as a monkey in local zoo.
Since then I finally feel I found my place on earth. Most time I just run in rocks and eat bananas white people throw at me. Smiling like a dumb n***** inside a cage.

Black friends, don't fight it. It's natural for us. Give it a try and become obedient monkey for white masters - you will love it.

-- The silly n***** -


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  • This post was most definitely written by an Indian or Russian (or juvenile white boy) who cannot write or speak English properly, posing as a black person, as is usually the case on the internet. They pose as whites and blacks to stir up racial tension, and it works on the majority as the majority are idiots. The sheer number of people that fall for this s*** is astounding.

  • How toxic do you have to be to write something like this. It's pathetic and sad. Unless you get rid of that, it's going to kill you and hurt the people you care about. Believe me. Been there. Not this bizarre role-playing type racism but other anger issues. Find a way to get rid of it.

  • Imagine how sad your life is for you to go on an internet forum and post some s*** like this

  • Here we go again. This race thing is getting bored. Go smoke a cigarette.

  • Stop the hate white man. You are so full ofBULLSHIT.

  • Nah, hating whitey is just fine. It's only when you act the exact same way toward anybody else that it's racism. There is nothing wrong with this opinion and there is no way it could ever bite minorities in the butt. War is peace.

  • The problem is you don’t respect yourself so no one else does

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