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Everyone out there needs to know just what kind of state Tennessee is. This is one of the most bigoted and racist states that there is. Especially the county of dekalb , smithville Tennessee! These are the most hateful racist men and women I have ever seen. Sadly I was born here and don’t have the money to move to a more open minded state . That son of a b**** bill hagerty got voted in to the senate here. He is a trump ass licker and so is that c*** Marsha Blackburn. Not to mention that son of a b**** governor bill lee. I have no rights as an openly gay man , I can’t adopt a child and gave him or her a loving home, because of bill lee . He turned that over to the catholic church organization. I beg anyone who reads this, if you have an open mind or you know someone who is gay , please don’t come to this state it’s awful. I would leave if I could but just don’t have the money to. Thought you might like to know before you visit or move here.

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