The night my sister got in in the pool

My sister how is 19 love to swim in our pool in just a short skirt no underwear and a bra . She was skinny with sexy b cup b**** . I'm 21 I jus ware swimming trunks but button on the front was missing . But u normal couldn't tell . I would often get a h****** seeing her . A couple months ago we was swimming together . And I decided I was going to donke her under the water . I lift her up I was going to flip her and drop her back in to the water . As I went to flip her she rapt her legs around me so I couldn't flip her . Win I concluded I was not going to be able to flip hir . I started lowering her . Thin I feel the front half of my d*** go into her I froze not know how she would take it . I could feel her pussycat clamped on my d*** . Thin she wispered yes brother . I put both hands on he ass and start to work her on to my d*** . As it finished going in she cried out brother don't stop don't stop baby sister needs her big strong brother to take care of her . Win I head that I know I was in love . So I started f****** her as hard as I could standing in a pool . After a bit I told her I need to come and she replied with u better not stop I need all of u . After a few minutes she went in to a big orgasming . She was crying out f*** me bro . Over and over again . And she was holding on to me tighter and she started to shake and thin she cried I'm c****** bro u made me come as she came so did I . After we had finished I held her as we kiss over and over . I never remember my d*** . After a couple minutes I started getting hard again so we did I again

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  • Hey why aren't you standing on the train tracks? You are one dumbFUCK

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