I love humilating boys

I am a 15 y/o girl who loves humiliating boys, as they're obnoxious twats who ought to be put in their place. I'm average-looking, but boys can't control themselves at all. So in school, I like to walk up to them and sit on their laps, randomly moving around while talking to them I press my ass into their crotch up and down until they get a h******. I love watching them squirm as they can't do anything about it. Then I go "OMG, do u have a b****?!" and jump up, pointing it out to everyone. He always tries to deny it, but I make sure to hold it through his pants and show everyone, who laughs so much. I love his pathetic little look, as he realises he can't control himself against us females.

Also, I love being in the middle of class and putting my hand in the thigh of the boy next to me. He'll give me a strange look, but cant stop. I slowly creep my hand up his thigh until it's on his c***, then squeeze with my palm, then up with my palm and squeeze with my fingers. At this point, the boy is rather uncomfortable, as he gets a b**** right in front of me. I give him an evil little grin. Now, I can keep him like that for as long as I want. Every now and then, I reach over and rub his shaft through his pants to keep him hard, and squeeze my fingertips into his b****, which always makes him jolt suddenly. Sometimes, I leave him like that, stiff as a statue, unable to do anything. Other times, I decide to grab his c*** and massage him until he comes right in the middle of class! Hahaaaa. He always tries to stop me but never can. The best part is he can't talk, move about or complain at all- he just has to try and keep a straight face, but never can. Now he has to go the rest of the day covered in his own s****, hoping I don't do it to him again. Then I can focus on the lesson.

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  • Where were you when I was in grade school?

  • That's so not fair to do to us boys idek what i would do in that situation right in the middle of class 😳

  • Wow! You sound like a young version of me.

    Have you ever made one of your teachers HARD? I did, then told him I would tell the principal if he didn’t let me suck him off and give me an A

  • As a 17 year old boy who still goes to school, this is f****** hot

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