Just need to get this off my chest

I recently attempted masturbation nothing too extreme just some b*** play and I didn’t get very far and stopped before I could feel anything. I stopped because I felt guilty about it guilty about how young I am (13) And I don’t know I just feel awful about and that I shouldn’t do it.
Um if you have any advice For getting rid of the guilt it’d be very helpful.

Aug 18, 2020

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  • It's your body explore it learning to please yourself means you can share what you like and don't like to your sexual partner. the guilt will go away. Good luck and Play Safe

  • Masturbation is a normal part of male adolescence. I’m in my 30 news and started when I was about 13 too.

  • Just keep jacking, one day you'll get some p****

  • Just do it, you love it you will have a o*****! Have you seen a p**** yet?

  • Add 50 years and you get your real age

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