Love with cartoon

That i am in love with a fictional character called Patchouli Knowledge, she is a really cute witch from the video game series Touhou project, that's all, i just wanted to say it, have a good day, bye

Aug 18, 2020

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  • J*** constantly to Meg Griffin p*** from Family guy.

    I've hookup with several CosPlay women dressed as her, but jerking to the cartoons is the only thing that really satisfies me.

  • In 2016 I started jerking off to Moana since it came out. Moana looks like my sister Scarlett. I was 14 when I started she was 12, she went trick or treating as Moana.

    Two years later I could resist it any more. We share a bedroom and that night I got Scarlett drunk and had her wear the costume. I took a load of pics of her dressed and partly undress. Scarlett even let me kiss her and jerked me off and I ate her.

    It became out nightly game, on her 15th birthday she asked me to f*** her. I did and were have s** most nights. She loves dress up s** and we m********* together watching the movie.

    I love my sister.

  • I prefer fantasy women to be wearing shorter, tighter skirts but I'm glad she works for you.

  • She looks just like every other cartoon out there. I don't get it.

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