I’m uncomfortable and embarrassed of being a virgin

I know that there’s nothing wrong with being a virgin in your 20s. But isn’t it like embarrassing when you’re the only virgin in your class or workplace? I hated and loved being the only virgin when i was in my last year in school. Cause many of my classmates had a boyfriend/girlfriend and some of them had kids and husband(i were 19-20 at that time). And still when i’m around someone who’s not a virgin i’m getting uncomfortable and embarrassed.

Anyone feels the same way?

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  • Why are people so endlessly obsessed with what OTHER people do with their junk? Nobody in your class or workplace HAS TO know your status (or lack thereof). Do you need drama that badly in your life? That's pathetic.

  • No Go get layed idiot with you 5 3/4 inch pecker.

  • 5 3/4... I wish...


  • No. I was a little w**** in school. I would try and get into every boys pants I could.

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