I had to

I've had to go back to being a prostitute. I was kidnapped in Mexico and trafficked here to the U.S. about 6 years ago. I was forced to work as a prostitute for about 2 years. That was h***. I was forced to have s** with so many men. More than I can count. But I got out of it with the help of this women's out-reach group that helped me hide from my p*** and gave me money and a place to stay and moved me out of the area where I used to turn tricks. I got a job at a Kentuck Fried Chicken. I met a guy while I worked there and we ended up dating and getting married. And it's been good. He has never known about my past. He drives a Greyhound bus. I had to stop working at Kentucky Fried Chicken though because, while I worked there, one of the guys that worked there with me found an picture of me on the internet that my old p*** must have put up advertising me for s**. He printed it out and brought it to work and showed it to me and said that if I didn't have s** with him, he would show it to everybody at work. I really needed my job because my husband was not making that much money driving a Greyhound bus and my KFC check helped out. I figured if I just had s** with him a few times, maybe he would leave me alone and go away. So I said OK. But I ended up having to have s** with him, like, 7 or 8 times. And he was still demanding more. So I just ended up quitting my job because there was no way I could work there if everybody knew I use to be a prostitute. Those guys would have made life unbearable for me there. My husband was mad that I quit my job, and I felt real guilty about it, but I don't see where I had a choice. And I never got another job because I'm too scared somebody I work with will find out that I used to be a prostitute. My husband thinks I'm just being lazy. But now, some cops who used to bust me for prostitution in my old area have tranferred to the precinct for the area where I live now. And these are some of the cops that used to shake us down for freebies. They used to make us give them free s** or they would bust us. I was coming from the grocery store one day and two of them in a cruiser saw me and I could see on their faces that they recognized me. They must have followed me home some time, or something, or got my personal information off their computers or something because they ended up coming by my house while my husband was driving his bus out of town somewhere. They told me that I had to give them s** or they would start harrassing me and claim that I was still a prostitute and tell my husband and stuff. I asked if it would just be the 2 of them and they told me yes. So I had to say OK because I didn't want them to destroy my marriage and my life. But they are such liars because, at first, I just had to have s** with them but then they started setting me up to have s** with their cop buddies and some other guys. I'm having to do it, like, 2 or 3 times a week. But these guys are paying me. And their paying me alot more than I used to get when I worked for my old p***. And I only have to do it when my husband is out of town. So I told my husband that I got a job with this polling company and that I could work from home just calling people and taking polls. That way, he won't be wondering where I'm getting money. The money is really good and it's really helping me and my husband get back on our feet. I never wanted to go back into prostituion, but it is alot better than working at Kentucky Fried Chicken, that's for sure.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • Make up your f****** mind. Which is worse, being a victim of human trafficking or working a crappy fast food job? It sounds like you're just fishing for sympathy the way you banged this out. Not that I read the whole thing, I don't do textwalls.

  • So what can I get for $10 ?

  • OK, gringo. I call BS.

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