Secret I have kept

I am a prostitute. It is am embarrassing secret given my current family life. Three years ago I met a guy through a friend and we had a whirlwind romance and married. Problem is I lied to him at that time. I told him I worked for a temp agency and moved from job to job. I am now 32 years old and the truth is I have been a prostitute since I was 25.
My husband has a great job and wanted me to stay home and raise a family. Not a problem but I have not stopped meeting men for money. It was rough when I first started. A girl has to take on all business to survive. Over a period of time I formed a little black book of regulars, around a dozen, and only met with them. All of my regulars are men I am actually attracted to and I really enjoy having s** with them. My little black book has shrunk a little since getting married. Down to eight regulars now.
When I got married and started a family I thought it would be a problem. Boy was I wrong. My regulars thought it was hot that I was now a married woman. And when I got pregnant, OMG!! I never knew guys loved having s** with pregnant women. They couldn't get enough! Since having a baby things have slowed down but we are in the process of hiring a nanny so I will have more time soon.
Since I got married I have kept a safety deposit box and all the cash I have made I have saved. And at $250 a date it is quite a nest egg. My grandmother is elderly and in poor health. When she passes I intend to somehow pass this money off as some form of inheritance.
But also I am only 32 years old and pretty damn hot. I enjoy my secret life and still want to continue for a few more years.
Is that a bad thing?

Jan 28

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  • Technically you run your own temp agency and you do go from job to job. Glad you are working with a trusted group of men, as long as they keep within their roles and mouths shut. Not for me to ask whether you use protection and have interracial clients. The No/yes combo of answers could create an interesting pregnancy issue. Depending on your hotness/control of your marriage, you might even pull that one off. If you do not yet dominate your husband, might be wise to get started😀

  • Not at all.
    Where are you located dear? If you want more business, pls post your contact info.
    Have fun!

  • Absolutely not a bad thing.
    Enjoy what you love. #YOLO

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