Finally finding a job

Got laid off when the virus hit .Unemployment helps but isnt near enough to pay the bills.I looked and applied every where and could not get hired anywhere and I was in trouble.I was spending the night at an ex girlfriends and we got to talking trying to figure where I can get a job . Amanda giggled and told me I could always dress slutty as h*** and go downtown and turn tricks. At the time it was really funny but I never did get hired any where .I was living with this guy I used to work with and when I couldnt pay my rent he had to move someone else in or he wasnt going to have enough to pay the finance company. I went to see Amanda and told her the news.She let me spend the night and first thing the next day she started helping my feminize myself . That first night was scary as h*** but the next day was easier and now here I am ,,two months later and I am making pretty good money..I have been a cross dresser my whole life or there was no way I would look good enough to make any money as a prostitute. I never thought I would be working as a sissy prostitute but here I am,,I am only doing this until I can find another job.,.There is no way I could do this 7 days a week ,,52 weeks a year

Jul 23

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