Interesting Fantasy

19 year old male: I want to be baby sat by a girl. Its an age play thing. She would punish me if I misbehave (I might be mischievous on purpose) even though we would have an itinerary.

1. We play with toys
2. She makes me make and cheese,
3. gives me a bath, dries me off, and picks out my cloths
4. Tucks me into bed and reads stories to me (not sure if an adult or kid book)
5. Coddles me in her arms, sings to me, strokes my hair, and calls me a good boy.

This is probably a result of my anxiety, depression, ext.

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  • Your fantasy is not unusual.

    I’d be happy to be your babysitter. But when I tuck you in bed I may just have to stroke your c*** as well

  • I’m a 19 year old white male, average build, dimples, dark brown eyes, 5’11, 6.5 inch p***s (circumcised). That would be my dream come true. I’d have to do everything you say or else I get a beating.

  • Also, wrap me in with my comfort objects (bunny, baby blanket)

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