Actor Jensen ackles

I’m truth teller, I was at a supernatural fan convention last year ( 2019 ) one of the girls in the audience asked me bigot about his character being bi - sexual. Needless to say he got very defensive and angry about this . He refused to answer the question! After the convention was over the cast was signing autographs, mr bigot was over heard saying and I quote “ gay people are not normal “ well mr bigot I am gay and their is nothing abnormal about me ! How dare you judge anyone. Only GOD almighty has the right to judge me! I will never watch the show again! Not even the ending! I was going to buy the boxed cd set , but now I wouldn’t have it if it was gave to me! I hope you and your bigot friends that opened the bar in texas go belly up! And you can take Jared padalecki go to h*** . All you stinking bigots out there being gay Is not one of the Ten Commandments. And you have NO right to judge anyone!

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  • Truth tellers really get their panties in a bunch when other people don't agree with them on every little thing. Sucks to be you, nerd

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