Want to be eaten out

My friend's showed me a video of lesbian p*** and now I can't stop thinking about being eaten out. It's such a turn on. I'm a sub so I'd let anyone spread my legs and eat me

Aug 24, 2020

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  • I am here to read what people say about girl girl. I have always been straight. I love masturbating and admiring my body. I don't have a boyfriend now and not being able to go anywhere is getting to me. I m********* as I am always h****. Out of boredom, I started watching p***. As time went on, I suddenly noticed how different but the same women are. Then I was watching the woman more than the man. Next thing, I am watching women m*********. On to lesbian scenes. I have lost my mind because I want to try another girl just to say I tried.

  • Original poster, any news, anything happen yet? We would love to have an update!

  • My neighbors are lesbians. Last weekend after having a little wine with them and my husband I let it out and told them and my hubby my fantasy.

    Jerry laughed and went to the house to check on the kids and get another bottle of wine. When he returned I was laying on the living room floor with one girl’s face between my legs and the other with her p**** in my face.

    It was incredible. The best sexual experience and o***** ever. When I was done my hubby was standing there with a bottle of wine in one hand and his c*** in the other.

    By the end of the evening he f***** all three of us and if his d*** was not in my p**** there was a tongue.

    Don’t tell my husband but I think I preferred being licked over being f*****. And the girls do it sooo good!

  • Why would the lesbian neighbors let your husband in them? Usually lesbians don't like d*** in them unless they want a baby.

  • Will you be sneaking over to the neighbors now when hubby and the kids aren't around?

  • Love to watch them p ussys getting licked

  • I love to watch Jerry go b**** deep into other women. When we make love he is sooo gentle as I would get madd at him when he would f*** me hard when we were dating. His 8 inch c*** was too much for me at first. But when he is f****** other women he F**** them soooo HARD.

    I love licking the other woman’s p**** when he c*** inside of it.

    But the best is when another woman eats my p****!

  • Good that hefucks them nice n hard and blows his load in them no condom, most enjoy a really hardfucking, do they like ass f ucking too? or sucking him off?

  • I am 28 yo F and bi but feel a lot more comfortable being with a woman. My gf and I spend many weekends leisurely with lots of touching, kissing, hugging, petting and play with our body naked as prelude to s** before moving to bed. YES, eating p**** is the ultimate - I massage each others' p******, often using some lotion concentrating on the c*** before going down her p****. We do not hurry - we feel and enjoy ourselves in relaxed mood. we love to eat each others p**** individually or in 69ing. While eating p**** we finger our c**** too to o******. The key word is cleanliness - all over... Now try!

  • I’m a chick nothing like eating a nice p****

  • Do you like to be eaten there

  • I just had a friend lick mine for the first time and I loved it

  • Friend- guy or girl. I love eating and smells of the wet p. If you are vocal even some moan is my fav

  • I want to try but I am not sure

  • AGE?

  • I’m 48

  • You are exactly what I want just lay down like a dead body and watch yourself getting destroyed

  • You're 48 and never been eaten out? How is that possible? Has your husband even tried on you?

  • I know. I don’t like sucking d*** so I never let my hubby or previous lovers lick my p****. I didn’t want to be pressured to give a BJ

  • I've told guys on numerous occasions I'm not sucking it I don't like doing that either but I've had guys ask to eat me and I just laid down my rules of not sucking or f****** just because they want to taste me so if that's all they wanted and understood that then fine but there was times I did give in to s** cuz I wanted to. I'm not quite 48 yet but I couldn't imagine not having had that in my s** life. I love having it done and I love to do it as well

  • Would any of your female friends be interested in eating you out? Since it was a lesbian p*** clip they showed you, maybe one of them would be interested? Would you be interested in another woman doing that for you?

  • I don’t know. Never thought about that. I want to get eaten. But I don’t know if I want to lick another woman’s p****. I mean I don’t like sucking my hubby’s d***. I just don’t think I would want to lick a girl.

    But I really need a little licking. It looks like it would feel so good

  • I love eatting women and never want anything in return

  • Real man eats p****!!

  • Wow. Want to come over for lunch. I can sit on the table with my legs spread in front of you. Then you can eat my p**** for lunch

  • Couch vice table. Shower before initiating

  • Lunch, supper and breakfast the next morning I love eating pussyand sticking my tongue right up in a girls ass

  • Wow! Would you like to come over for lunch.

    I’d be happy to spread my legs:)

  • Shaven or waxed?

  • If all you are looking for is to be eaten out, just be confident, and honest with the person who you want to eat you out and just say you want to receive, but not reciprocate. That way you get eaten out, but dont have to give a bj or eat another woman. I'm sure the other person would understand. Where are you located? I can come to you to fulfill this.

  • Houston area

  • So how about I help you with that give you your first?

  • Sounds exciting

  • Nothing better than getting eaten out.

    Except maybe watching your hubby f*** another woman’s brains out then licking that t*** clean!

  • I've fantasized about doing that but I don't have a hubby or BF and I'm not into guys bossing me around more the other way but I think I'd like to be somewhat dominated by a female making me watch my ex do her and then her making me lick her right after while making comments about how she's got me and my man licking her. I also have thoughts of just a group of girls making me eat all them one after another

  • Where do you live. Maybe you can c** over and spend the night with me and my hubby

  • Does hubby let other men eat yourpussy?

  • That sounds so sexy

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