I want help

Hey, i rlly give up. I have had the worst week. I can barely get out of bed, i have barely eaten, i'm getting the worst headaches, i've lost motivation for everything and i have an urge to cry even though i never cry. No one has really noticed, my parents work all the time and i don't want them to worry about me. I just hate it here n i wanna just disappear, i'm so fed up. I don't know what's wrong with me but i hate this feeling of constant sadness. Bruh i think i'm loosing it

Aug 24, 2020

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  • Depression is a weird bitxh.
    First bro, vent/talk about it. Even if its a school counselor or a best friend. Not the bad stuff only. But the good you wanna share with others also. Share your "manly feelins"
    Second, get a dog. They are great friends and great at meeting ppl. Now you dont have to go making new best friends. But smiles here and there help and friendly convos will help pass your day....aslo diatract you from "dwelling on s***"...
    Lastly, get some fresh air. Recycled air in lil boxes isnt helathy lol. Get out see birds and trees and s***.

  • Thank u so so much!! This will really help, i am not sure if i have depression as i'm to scared to see someone so i'm not diagnosed with anything and i do have a dog but i feel like if i get too attached to something, even my dog, they will leave eventually. Ik such a s*** mindset but it's just facts. But i will take all ur advice and i appreciate u taking the time out of ur day to help!x

  • Bless you. Try and get out and talk to people. Literally force yourself to smile

  • The hard reality

  • All the pain that you feel is outcome of our deeds I know this is old school philosophy but yet true and relevant. First of all calm your mind by accepting the situation then start praying and chanting of Mantras. You will heal

  • I appreciate this advice, i will take it into consideration!

  • I hate those damn people who said " others have it worse than you suck it up" that's not the advise you need.

    I suggest you look into self help books and find an activity you enjoy doing. Keep yourself occupied. I'ma be real with you, I got slow to a point I started doing " witch craft" and "casting spells" and honestly, it helped think I was doing something lol.

  • I really enjoy art and i have been trying to distract myself with it but then i get called "lazy" by my parents as that becomes all i do

  • No to this also

  • Aw, feeling triggered by "witch craft?" Too bad. Sky daddy is just as ineffective.

  • Be grateful that you are alive , have a home and a bed .
    You are in paradise compared to millions in the world.
    Stop your whingeing.

  • I am extremely grateful however this "whingeing" has been the only thing keeping me going. No matter how much or how little money u have, the content of ur mind will follow u. Either give me some substantial advice or don't comment and make me feel like my problems are not valid.

  • Just be grateful you're not sleeping on the street and that you have food to eat .
    Many people don't.
    Always look on the bright side of life.

  • I have done that my whole life, i am EXTREMELY grateful for everything i have but this does not have an equivalent to my mental health. I understand other have it worse than me however everyone's issues should be accepted. I understand where u are coming from and i hope u understand where i am.

  • You just need to be positive and take one day at a time .
    Look around you.
    The world is beautiful, the birds are singing, and you are alive with a home and food to eat. Things could be a lot worse.
    Anything that's not life threatening is not worth worrying about.
    Life is a challenge, if life knocks you down you get back up and carry on. Simple .
    We're all on our own in this world.
    Nobody really cares .
    It's all up to you and the sooner yu learn that the better.

  • You are right. Nobody cares and we are all alone in this world and none life threatening issues are irrelevant. I promise, i am trying really hard to get this mindset, it's just a lot harder than u think.

  • Go to the top. The Bible. Talk to Christian friends and or a pastor. They deal with this on a daily basis. And yes, Jesus is your answer!

  • Yes, because Bible wonks are such open-minded and nurturing folk, as we see again and again and again and again and..............

  • I'm not a religious person but if i were i would take this advice!

  • You don't need to be religious. Just open up. They are there because most have been and still are, in your position.

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