The night the teen next door asked to spend the night

One night there was a nock at my door . I answer I to find the girl from across the street was starting there in a short skirt and a bra on holding her phone . She told me she had been out skinny dipping and she had locked her self out and ask if she could stay the night some one would be home in the morning to let her in . I told her she could stay the night . We was sitting on the couch watching TV and she had sat really close to me she thin started to talk about her friends and show me pictures of them and ask me if they was sexy. Thin she knocked the remot control off and it slipped across the floor . She jumped up to go getting it she bent over to pick it up and I got a full show no underwear nice shaved pussycat. Thin she shook her ass at me . She walked back over and unzipped my pants and got my rock hard d*** . She thin sat down on my lap and move around a little bit until it went in . I started to work it in and out . She twisted around and kiss me and said not yet . She was really tight and aredy so wet . She picked up her phone and start showing me more pictures of her friends only now the way nude and asking me what I would do to them . As I would answer she would give me a quick ride . After a bit she switched to video of her friends friend getting f***** . And she would ride while her friends was coming . Soon her phone was dead she stood up took off her bra and skirt . Thin she laid down on the dining room table . I striped and went to the table it was the just right I was able to slide right in as I was sliding in she told me the she was on the pill and I better not stop for anything and it better be as hard as I can . So I did as she asked . We ended up f****** all night my nuts was sore after we finish as she was getting dressed to leave she asked me if I wanted to see any of the girls on her phone. I said yes . The next night there was a sexy little red head at the door



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  • If you are going to post the same tired bullshit over and over, learn how to spell. And use paragraphs. And have an interesting story to tell, preferably a true one for a change.

    Actually, maybe stay away from keyboards entirely. You're way too stupid to be taken seriously.

  • So demanding, lol!

  • I hope you continued with as many of her friends as possible. Take advantage while you can.

  • Sounds like BS to me!

  • Psssst, paragraphs are your friend.

  • Apparently, it happens more often than logic would support where attractive females knock on the doors of strangers, looking for nasty s** . . . .

  • You are aSICKfuck and go stand on the train tracks and wait.

  • More stupid double posting lately! Is this sad site even more broken than usual?

  • More nonsense written by that dreamer that can't f****** spell !
    The use of his favorite miss spelling
    ' thin' is the first clue.
    He's probably a paki.

  • Yah bound to be a pak rat i hate them all. but so does everybody else too.

  • Yep. Hating that s***.

  • Yup he is ! The same j****** posting fake sexual encounters and brags about it.

  • Jerkweed

  • Can't handle being called out?

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