Masturbation advice for a man...

I’m a 39 y/o male in a sexless marriage. Not interested in seeing other women given how dangerous it is out there these days. Looking to spice things up by myself when it comes to masturbation. I have a fleshlight and watch plenty of p***, but want to take it to a new level of excitement and arousal. Any men or woman have suggestions? I do some kinky things as well, but want to know if anyone had any ideas or suggestions.

Thanks in advance.

Aug 26, 2020

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  • It happens too often! I'm in a sexless marriage too, the last time I had s** was maybe 6 months ago, yet I need a climax almost every day at least.
    Everyone has different tastes and experiences and I don't know yours, but for me it works best when I take it slowly and deny myself to go too far. E.g. I won't cheat even though it would be so easy for me to do and is extremely tempting sometimes. The mere thought can get me off though. And it can be very exciting to show intimate parts of your body to strangers when you know they love seeing it. I don't do it often (as denying it to myself just keeps it more exciting) but it can make my slit truly wet, it gives me pleasure for quite a while. I also read a lot of erotic stories, experiences or fantasies of other people, or write about mine.
    I like it a lot but it can be difficult sometimes too, some people have told me I go too far even with just fiction and then I haven't even told about some of my real life events that happened some time ago. (Something with a young relative)

  • Similar situation for me. I’ve started using jelly and lube and have really enjoyed j**********. Had some really hard ones.317want to523txt. 3596

  • Buy a vibrating c*** ring and remove the rubber cover. Insert the vibrator into your pee hole and on the vibrator. You will the experience as if you are having the erection for the first time in life.

  • Buy a lovence

  • Go for a walk and m********* naked outside

  • Similar situation for me. I now try to stretch my pee slit - can insert my index finger using lube and most often climax through it. I am going to stretch it further! I have also pierced the lower skin-cover of my c*** and fitted a ring. Also collected some used panties from the common launderette of our apartment building to m********* with.

  • Many men, women out there feeling the same way now days.
    video cam2cam is fun and free BUT there are more men than women doing it. i found it arousing masturbating with other men too. fantasizing about getting them hard and letting them c** in my mout and all over my face...
    so hard right now......

  • I suggest befriending a neighbor. I love f****** my neighbor

  • My nieghbor sells me her panties

  • Well there are many incest and pedo posts here. Read them and create lots of maps of USA on your underwear

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