Aunt, Uncle, and Me

Long story sorry but can’t stop thinking about it.

I (18f) was hanging out with my aunt and uncle one night on their back patio. We were drinking and Aunt was smoking a joint just talking the night away when they started moving closer to me. They started touching me, rubbing my arms, shoulders, and legs. I was tipsy and enjoying the attention and touching.

Aunt took my hand telling me she wanted me to try on an outfit for her: it was a tight mesh crop top and a high hip thong. When I walked out of the bathroom my uncle was in the room and I modeled the outfit off for them mainly bending over to shake my ass. We were all laughing as they started caressing me again. My nipples were hard and p**** was dripping. They moved closer and started kissing my shoulders, cheeks, neck as their hands wandered more. They then started to strip themselves and press their bodies against mine and we all started to make out: first auntie and me, then uncle and me, then all three of us at once.

They climbed on the bed and had me dance a bit for them before climbing on and in between them. They touched me more, licking and sucking my t***, moving my hands to uncle’s c*** and auntie’s t** before uncle finally slipped his hand into my thong and rubbed my dripping wet p****. They had me kneel on the bed as auntie stripped me and uncle fingered me and I stroke his bigger than expected c***. Then I turned to auntie and we started rubbing each other’s p****** and our nipples together.

We went all night: three rounds of good, passionate, s**. First round, Uncle came in my mouth, second round he came on auntie and mine’s t***, third round he came deep in my p**** while auntie licked my p**** and some of his c** it out of me. Auntie and I had countless o******.

I know it’s wrong but even know writing this I’m about to c** just remembering this night. I can’t stop playing it over and over. I want to go over and do it again.

Aug 27, 2020

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  • It’s not wrong, all adults what’s the problem?

  • You need a gangbanga

  • Sounds fun, you should go back for sure!!! 😁

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