Violent Thoughts

I had some sleeping problems for a few years that have been recently corrected. Every day after school I would come home and pass out in my bed and go into full rem sleep. Some of the dreams that I had felt like I was watching a tv show. A few times, right before I would start to wake up, I would have thoughts that were both violent and horrifying with nothing in my mind having a disgust reaction. I would wake up in disbelief in what I just thought.

I came to the conclusion that the part of my brain that processes morality and right and wrong was still asleep when I was conscious. The reason why the two were out of balance was probably because of my sleeping issues.

Aug 26, 2020

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  • Same.

  • Meditation and Yoga can help you the most. Don't feed you mind with anything before sleep and that's very much important.

  • You just need to turn off the TV

  • I cannot sleep at all unless the TV is on, I put it on Ancient Aliens or Forensic files, those shows drone on and on and are better than sleeping pills.

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