Family friend

Growing up my mum got this good friend who i call auntie always have done she's slim long blonde hair big t*** and when i was 14 i started to pay more attention to her wearing tight tops or if she had bra showing and when it was coming up to my 16th it felt like she wanted the attention this time no bra on could see her nipple's poking out she caught me looking cupped her t*** and said big aren't they and laughed it off as she was leaving she gave me a hug and said your alot bigger than the last time you gave me one something else should be bigger to winked kissed my cheek and said thank you it made me fill wanted, after my bf she asked my mum if she could borrow me for the afternoon she needed my help we drove of i could see her t*** jiggling she laughed said that didn't take you long to look she parked up put her hand on my leg said i won't ask what you do in your room after i leave yeah that do look bigger i looked down didn't notice i was hard,she drove of to a place i never been to parked up turns to me one leg up over the hand break showing me she had no knickers on bold p**** and unbuttons her shirt touching her t*** moves one hand down to her p**** saying it's wet let aunty see that hard c*** told her not in here so she tells me in the field then her t*** on show as she gets out soon as we are in the field i whip my c*** out she kneeling infront rubbing her c*** and kept saying c** for aunty that's it w*** it faster come on she knew i was about to come and i just let go hitting her face t*** every last drop i stood back to get a good look at her covered in c** she poked her tounge out showing c** and the c** on her t*** she was rubbing in there's still more grabbed my still hard c*** and sucked the tip told me to stay there and rushed to the car came back and gave me a condom said i don't want to get pregnant f****** her watching those big c** glazed t*** bouncing with every thrust was enough for me to c** again twice in 5 minutes,she's wants me to stay at hers tonight,any advice would be nice.


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  • Another illiterate f****** troll.

  • Put a small hole in the condom. C um when you f uck her. That will f uck her.

  • Learn about punctuation.

  • Take It Now . You Will Regret It Later

  • Join her and plow her mature p**** for the whole night!

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