My friend is being abused by her family......

I'll try to be as detailed as possible.
My friend is being mentally and physically abused by her family. She is 15 and her little sister is only 6, both of them are going through a lot of torture.
We became friends 3 years ago. She was always happy, social, and a really friendly person. I never got a tiny hint of what she was going through. This quarantine, she came to me and showed me her bruises for the first time and I was speechless. She had a cut on her throat, a lot of bruises all over her hand and leg, her left breast was aching. When she left for home I thought about calling police.... but then I didn't. I thought about 2 possible things. 1, if I call the police her parents will hate me and I won't be able to see her again. no 2, we live in a country named Bangladesh were people don't give a f*** about domestic abuse. in this country, 7 people out of 10 get abused mentally or physically every day. And for a girl, it's hard. We also don't have a foster care service. So I thought if I take legal actions all by myself, things will get more messed up. I thought about telling an adult about it but my friend strictly denied my idea and I respected that.
I knew she was being abused but I was helpless. Yesterday her parents threw her out of their house. So she came to me and opened up everything. I was more shocked this time. Her dad literally kicked her in the belly and ripped her clothes and heated her brutally. I lost my control and finally confronted her to say these things to an adult because I can't do anything. I'm also a teen. So, later on, we went to my aunties home to study, and thankfully my friend opened up to her.
I just want to say what type of family she has. In her family, boys are privileged. As an example, her brother is getting all sorts of facilities. Her parents are hiring private tutors for him, buying him gaming essentials, and all sorts of things. But when my friend wants a lotion, the tell her to f*** off or buy it herself. My friend is in 9 the grade which means in 2022 she'll give a board exam. for which she has to register. Her family is not registering her name just because they are mad. They don't allow her to attend online class cuz they think my friend will make a boyfriend online, and later on, elope with him. Her parents constantly tell her to get out of their house. She does all the house works yet gets beaten up. When she says she can't do something her mom says once you get married you have to do all of it. She is being abused from childhood by her dad who used to abuse her mother before. Since she never opened up in front of anyone before, she used to do sleep talking out of trauma. And because of that, her parents used to say she is mentally disabled. Her sister who is only 6 is always traumatized, I've seen her being scared because of her dad. When her dad abuses her, her sister tried to stop it but then she ended up getting abused. Her brother did stop a few times but technically he is also helpless in front of his parents. They are very close-minded. It's 2020 yet they think like this. They live in Dhaka which is the capital city, were most of the people are very open-minded. Her dad is a high school teacher who graduated from the top college in our country. Yet he is disgusting. It's true that just because you have multiple degrees doesn't mean you are educated.
When she told everything to my aunt, my aunt thought about possible circumstances. Since she is still minor and doesn't have any earning source, she can't live all by herself. My aunt told her to take help from school but she denied. My friend doesn't want to make it public. Her parents are not paying school bills and board exam registration bills which makes it more difficult. So we thought about gathering evidence, in case one day she wants to take some proper legal actions. We also thought about managing a shelter for her in the future but basically in this country, a legally minor can't do much.
In conclusion, I have to say, she is very strong. She had suicidal thoughts multiple times but still controlled herself without telling anyone. She moved to this neighborhood 3 years ago and I'm glad about that. Her last neighborhood was kinda weird so she didn't share anything with anyone so I'm glad that she told us about this. we'll try our best to help her. but still, I fear for her a lot.... she is being abused from 5th grade...
I just need a few help, since I don't know much if anyone knows how can we help her let me know...

Aug 27, 2020

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  • Leave and get a new family

  • My older sister used to get abused by my father she got it really bad but she ended up running away and doing a lot of different things to stay alive. My father is in jail now so we don't have to deal with him anymore. I personally think it was best to run away for her but I don't know about this situation if my father continued to get worse to my sister she probably would have died so she did the best thing she could. I've run away from home a few times and thought about running away with my little brother but I was afraid I'd make it worse for him. I wish I did run away with him though maybe things would be different so if it was me is run away but that's truly something you have to put a lot of thought into beforehand or it may end poorly

  • My friend is only 15. Even if she runs away, she won't be able to live all by herself. We can't put her father in jail because our country Is corrupted. No gives a f*** about domestic violence. If we file a report, her father will be taken away for only a day. After coming back he'll abuse my friend again. My friend also doesn't have any earning source or trustable relative. Also, our country doesn't have foster care. So technically she can't do anything until she is 18+.

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