I went to my online chrushes house.

I have an online crush that is friends with my old online friend. They live around 20 minuets away. I went to her house.

Finding her address when I gave into my curiosity was too easy. Her last name, town she lives in, my state. It was the first thing to come up. Her house is around the corner from my good friend. Good for her parents, they bought the house in 1997 for $200k and its worth 4 1/12k now.

Last week my friends and I were walking around their neighborhood. I took out my phone and typed her address into Google Maps. We were walking right behind it, and a tall fense was concealing most of it. A little while later we walked past. It was a uniqe feeling. I was like "well s***, there it is." I felt he same way that I did when I saw starry night for the first time in NYC. I had a mask and sunglasses on so no one would reconize me. We didn't stop to look at it and I didn't tell my friends until 10 minuets later that we passed it.

She was a huge j*** to me when we talked a few months ago. 4 adults, 4 girls, and 1 gay guy said that she was the problem and not me. Her friend went to the dance at my old "special needs" high school with her community service club and the guys were sexually misbehaving (I didn't go.) My friend who's an adult said "yup, that will do it" when I explained that I think thats why she was mean to me.

Note: She has a boyfriend now, and they're going out and about like there isn't a pandemic. It wasn't meant to be.

Aug 28, 2020

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  • I think you need to use this energy else where.

  • I'm over her now. A girl that I'm talking to lives in her town and called her grade 'ruthless.'

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