I peed on purpose

I peed myself at a restraunt on purpose I was in a corner booth it was night I ate drank my soda I had to pee there was a guy sitting behind me with his back towards me the waitress was cleaning the booth in front of me it turned me on to think I could pee right there without them knowing without having to get up so I let a squirt out then more then more then the waitress walked by I let a big stream out my crotch area had a big wet spot so warm so I kept peeing as people walked by I spread my legs wide to feel the wet spot spread all over my crouch and the warm pee run down both legs felt so good I finished eating drank more soda went home I was watching tv had to pee again I decided to pee there then I could just keep peeing there the rest of the night since it be wet already and never have to get up so I spread my legs an let it flow once again warm spot on my crouch warm pee going down my legs the couch absorbed the liquid nothing on the floor ima keep doing this next step pee my bed

Aug 28, 2020

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  • I once put my underpants under water as a joke but then i peed in them and the pee went through them i hate peeing in your pants its dissrospectful

  • It's s*** like this why we have Covid 19.

  • If you're gonna do it in public wear a adult diaper I'm all for it I like public p****** but I never do it because it's disrespectful

  • I just love love love peeing in public through my jeans. I always wear black jeans cuz you can't see the wet spot very easy. I peed in restaurants, movie theaters (my fav place but can't now with covid), in dressing rooms, etc. I finally found a great guy who is into it too. We once stayed in a hotel and he said, hey, sit on the folding suitcase rack thing and pee, so I did--left a great stain in the carpet!!! I really dont care that others have to clean it up, quite honestly.

  • I have been turned on by wetting ever since before puberty. I vividly remember spending weeks building up the courage to wet my bed when I was 9. My huge worry was I would wreck the mattress. I finally did it. Mom was very matter o fact with no drama as I recall. I did it a second time and she put a plastic mattress protector on. After that I did it often.

    Having said that, as i said, all my life I have found excitement and relaxation in wetting myself but I respect that other people have to try and make a living and it's not my place to adversely affect them. I have always worn diapers and plastic pants if I intend to relax and wet in someplace like a restaurant or hotel.

    Personally I think what you did was terrible. I feel so sorry for the owners and the staff that had to deal with your waste. Shame on you.

  • If my son did that I would smack him hard. Absolutely unacceptable behaviour

  • I like wetting the bed love the smell

  • Me too!

  • If you were forced to clean some one else’s crap then you would have understood the embarrassment one must have faced. You are disgusting and i wish a very horrific death for you. B***** good for nothing as s hole

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