Husband sends me out to flirt & come home with stories

Am I the only wife who get's assignments like this?:

A few times a year I go out with a couple of my girl friends.
We don't go to rowdy, raunchy not spots....just clean places with guys in suits, or well dressed casual. but there is drinking there.....

Whenever I do my husband asks me to flirt a little, flash a little panties to guys - maybe even dance with some.....and come home and tell him all about it when we get into bed.

Last time I wore a cute khaki skirt, mid thigh with a little slit in the back. Nice blouse - with 1 extra button undone. I'm small breasted - but I have really great legs according to my husband (and all my previous lovers!).'s thighs that I use to get attention.
This night was going great - three really cute guys at the bar were showing interest where I sat in a booth. I made certain they got a little 'thigh' whenever I slid out to go somewhere. Maybe they saw my white panties?..maybe not.
Next thing I know my brother-in-law comes in! I have to invite him, don't i?
He slides in next to me - and in an half hour my girl friends say they have to leave. Off they go. My BIL buys me a couple champagnes and we talk...
I know he has had a thing for me - for years - after he married my younger sister. He flirts like crazy with me all the time. I don't like it - but my sisters just think he's being 'cute'.
I'm getting pretty tipsy - and a little h**** - with all the male attention my thighs are getting from those guys. I come back from using the ladies' room, scoot in next to my BIL....and I feel my skirt sliding up my thighs. I think, "this will give me something to share with hubby tonight!....because their patience has paid off - as I 'accidentally' spread my thighs just a little more, and know that they can now see the crotch of my white panties in the shadows down there!"
I glance down and ....!! my skirt is well up my thighs and I can almost see my own crotch! I notice my BIL looking down between my thighs, and say, "Brian!! - are you looking at my panties?!"
"Yep! - sure am! All three of us guys are enjoying your panties!" he said glancing towards the bar.
I reached down and started to wiggle my butt off the booth to tug my skirt down - when he put his warm hand way up my bare thigh and said, "Kathy - please don't! You're so cute - just let us!"
I removed his hand and said, "Why?"
"For mankind!" he said and we both started to laugh....and I left my skirt up my legs and started to enjoy the attention these old 35 yr old legs could still get! Thinking...."Damn, that was naughty - his warm fingers so close to touching the edge my panties!...and you haven't knowingly flashed your panties like this since high school!"
It used to give me a thrill then, too! but I'll never tell anyone.
I was too drunk to drive - so my BIL drove me home and walked me to my door. He didn't get handsy I rewarded him with a couple more crotch shots while getting in and out of his car. Yeah, I knew spreading my thighs that wide was pretty obvious - but I was just 'thanking' him for looking after me.
Oh, yeah - I went straight upstairs, peed, slipped into a white lace thong body shirt and joined my husband on the couch to share my naughty behavior. In 5 mins he was feeling for that little hidden set of snaps in my crotch. It was great!

Aug 25

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  • Your husband is a di(kless f@99ot

  • I was 23 & got an interview to be a receptionist, secretary, office manager, 'Jane of all trades'. lol For a H, a guy that sold insurance in our own small town. It was a small downtown office and 'Jane' recently retired and moved to Florida. My husband and I had our house and car policies with him and I knew the job would be easy because he was always playing golf during the day. Everyone in town knew 'Jane' ran the office.
    At the time, H was mid 40s and divorced a few times, only drove convertible cars and was a 'player'.
    My husband and I met in high school and I was raised in a conservative home.
    Before my interview, my husband suggested I wear a mid thigh pencil skirt, a white low cut blouse with a red bra, black lace thigh highs and heels. He told me to be flirty and tell him about it later. OMG! H loved my outfit! He got bold and rubbed my legs and I got the job.
    My husband encouraged me to wear short skirts and flirt. Then he wanted to hear about my day. After a week, H was already rubbing my butt and legs at work.

  • My wife used to flirt with a guy at work. They would often go out for drinks after work. I knew about it and I always knew that when she got home she was ALWAYS so h****. We would fantasize while having s** about what she wanted to do with him. Well one night she came home EXTRA h****, she pulled me into the bedroom, She stripped in front of me and handed me her panties and said "check this out". The crotch of her panties were full of c**. She pushed me down on the bed, straddled my face and showed me her messy p****! She demanded I lick it as she described what happened and how they had s**. I loved it!

  • And I bet he went home and shagged the lights out of your sister! She should thank you!.....but I wouldn't tell her what got her hubby so worked up! Mum's the word.

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