I don't get it

How did Donald get away with holding a political convention(and a political rally) on the grounds of the White House last night? I believe that's against the law. In addition, it means that taxpayers were paying the freight, or at least a portion of it. Not proper conduct. Is nobody paying attention to this monkey-ass figgler? Can nobody stop him?

Aug 28

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  • You Americans are so boring !
    Who gives a monkeys about your politicians.
    Trump is a racist bullyboy thug and Biden is an idiot.
    I'm so glad I'm British .
    You lot have absolutely no etiquette and absolutely no class.
    You can't even live side by side without killing each other !

  • Just like Obama did when he was running for his second term. How did they get away with it? Simple, they just held it at home.

  • Wah wah wah

  • Stop watching fake news you idiot

  • Stop following fake president you t*****!

  • Why not concern yourself with something meaningful? Like a job...

  • Feeling triggered, sweetie pie?

  • He didn't "get away" with anything. People trying to get away with something try to hide it. He did what he did right out in the otopen. If the Demo-rats thought it was illegal, they could have, and would have, taken that ass to court and stopped that ass. But did they even try? No, they did not. So all of yous just needs to stop you whinery. He will continue to be your Prez for FOUR MORE YEARS! FOUR MORE YEARS! FOUR MORE YEARS! At least.

  • OOPS, looks like you were WRONG.
    Fvck Your Feelings, Whiny Cvnt!!

  • No. It is his Destiny to be re-elected.

    Biden will suffer self destruction on the campaign trail as McGovern did in 1972.


  • Yes . . . 1972 . . . the year of Watergate . . . sound familiar?

  • Look at the taxpayers pay for you f****** scum bags that dont work!!! Trump 2020 keep america great

  • Keep telling yourself that while suckling at the Medicare teat. You ret@rds are all mouth as long as it's not YOU being affected-- and then when you are, the toddler-like shrieking hits sonic levels. You never, ever learn, do you.

  • Learn what? That rich white a-hats always get a better deal? That their government takes care them first? That evrybody else just always get what leftover? What's to learn? evrybody already know! It stinks to high holy h***! That convention just showed it off good!

  • Agreed, and reinstalling that orange r3tard who has no business being around anything that requires thought and responsibility will change any of that HOW, precisely??

  • It will make it only worsebut its what they all want. to keep whites on top!

  • How about we worry less about skin color and more about whether a potential leader has the emotional and mental capacity to, oh I don't know, LEAD...

  • Yep. Make America White again!

  • It's sad but I'm afraid it's true . . . . .

  • Yeah .. . . . .. .. .. .. .. .. .. It's all about the racial.

  • Why are you Americans so unnecessarily racist ?
    Do you not have the intelligence to see beyond the colour of a person's skin ?
    That is root of your problems.

  • It's more about classism than racism, but since many "minorities" tend to be non-white, it's morphed into a race war. Poor white people are just ignored by both sides of this issue.

  • Jim Rome used to say that ==== mockingly ==== all the time on his radio program, "The Jungle". Remember?

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