Circumcised by Step-parents

I am19 years old, and I was forcefully circumcised by my step-parents when I was 16. They didn't bring the decision right away, I was living for over 2 yrs with them before I was operated against my will. The reason stated to me was slight UTI and balanitis, which were treated and gone with using antibiotics. However, my step-mother, who is a medical doctor, specialised in urology insisted that I "should undergo minor surgery, to avoid any further complications". She organized it with her female friend doctor, who checked me up, and did the surgery, despite my complaints. I was told it was all "for my own health benefit" and that "young men are highly recommended undergoing it (circumcision procedure) if any foreskin problems occur". I felt totally embarassed even during the check-ups, as I was treated as if I had no say over it! I was exposed to MD who did the check-up and nurses (2 were present), but also my step-mother who insisted to be present "as MD and family member". IMO, she has a circumcision fetish, and she used me to fullfil it. Anyway, it was very painful (not the operation, but the aftermath) and the result is high and very tightly circumcised p****, and some sensitivity lost. But, the feeling of humiliation and degradation are the worst.

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  • This is a human rights violation. Parents do not have the right to harm children. End of story.

  • Parents have the legal right to have a child circumcised, and there's nothing anybody can do about it. THAT'S the real end of story.

  • We will see about that. Legality does not define morality. Racism used to be legal and encouraged through segregation. Slavery used to be legal. Even the Holocaust was legal. Now people scoff at those ideas and deeds. The silent ones will slowly show others how hurt we are by having our bodies mutilated at birth. The law will catch up, and the truth will be told. Most people actually do not know the difference between good and evil - as it only took years to finally allow women to vote. How can a person truly be free if that person is sexually maimed by his or her own parents without question? What is freedom then? Are we free to live a life with whatever remains of our bodies when we become 18? Every human is born with the right at a bare minimum to the whole body nature has provided him or her with. We are born with the right to speak freely. We are born with the right to self defence. Other rights become active with age - voting for example. However, make no mistake - a person who thinks it is ok to violate that right on any grounds other than to prevent death itself is the reason why pain still exists in society. People who trample on the rights of others are the reasons war and pain exist within the world.

  • IMO: Ideally, it should have been done at birth. If not at birth, then about 10-14. Boys are usually still growing, at this age. It gives them more time to get used to being cut, than having it done later, and it gets rid of the distractions that having a foreskin can cause a teen or pre-teen boy.

  • Having a foreskin gives boys some capabilities that not all parents would necessarily approve of them having, and I'm not referring to m*st*rb*t***. If this story is true, I suspect this may have been the case with you, and you may be leaving out some of the details.

  • Step moms have quite a reputation online, at least, for having step sons deprived of some skin. I think women, including moms and step moms really do prefer circumcision, but how often they get teen boys cut is debatable. I'm somewhat skeptical about these stories, but they are fun to read, and probably at least some of them are true.

  • Im a stepmom to a 15 year old son. he has no other choice. I got his fathers permission so im having him circumcised. my poor stepson. call me mean. im taking off all his foreskin and even his frunelem. say goodbye to masturbating my son.

  • You should ask the dr. to cut him low and very tight with complete frenulum removal. This is how my foreskin was circumcised around your sons age, with the scar right under the glans and tight when soft. Removing all the inner foreskin and frenulum make the most radical change for masturbation. Email me alex.rosen95 at

  • This is how you maim a man.

  • This may be fake, But, he can still m*********, he just can't m********* using his foreskin, because he won't have one. Give him a large jar of Vaseline as a circumcision present and a peace offering. He doesn't really need it, but he may like using it now. And be nice to him. What goes around comes around. He may be the one who chooses your nursing home when you're older...

  • You are cruel. People like you are why h*** exists.

  • "the result is high and very tightly circumcised..."

    A good circumcision doesn't leave anything to play with.

  • Of course she has a circumcision fetish. A lot of women do. They get a charge out of getting boys or men cut, and any excuse will do. Any circumcision will do, too, but if they can get you cut tightly, that's a real score for them. Most women like the idea of no foreskin, and some of them will do everything they can to get rid of yours if you have one. She probably didn't intended to hurt you the way you describe, though I don't doubt this was a humiliating experience for you, and caused you emotional pain. On the bright side, remember she is woman, and knows exactly what women like, and so did the doctor who snipped you.

  • Im 14. my stepmom made me have what she wanted to be for the circumcision. she made every decision. they took all of my foreskin. and my frunelem. im still very mad.

  • She knows what girls like--and don't like.

  • You can legally sue when you are 18. Countries are finally banning this for men due to the fact it is a human rights violation. No human being has the right to deprive another of bodily autonomy. Also, aspiring MD here. First Do No Harm. Period.

  • Countries? Which countries? Elbonia? Lower Slobovia? Certainly not the USA

  • Not the USA. People here just don't how to question anything. They are too manipulated to have organic thoughts.

  • Iceland in 2018 - mostly because there were no religious groups powerful enough to try to keep their right to mutilate their children. As for the USA, I think California will lead the USA out of its child mutilation culture.

  • Iceland? All 364,260 people? Wo-ow! Gee-Whiz!! I'm impressed. That's not even the population of Wyoming. Any number of mid-sized American cities have a bigger population than Iceland. (And if you remember L'il Abner, which you probably don't, Iceland does have a climate like Lower Slobovia.)

  • That's been tried and it failed miserably. CA Supreme Court overturned San Francisco's attempt to ban circumcision, and the state legislature banned any further attempts at localities outlawing circumcision. Lots of Luck.

  • You may be an aspiring MD, but you're certainly not an aspiring lawyer. Lots of luck to anybody who wastes their time and money trying to sue their parents for having the circumcised--they're going to need it!

  • Possibly fiction, or exaggerated. Sounds like at least some of the aspects of this story are fictitious.

  • I don't know if this is fiction or not, but female doctors do have a reputation, online, at least, for doing tight circumcisions. The CDC recommends that all teen boys who are sexually active be circumcised, if they are not already. Most uncut teen boys, in the US at least, would welcome a chance to be circumcised.

  • Tight, dry, and squeaky clean, a woman's circumcision, by a woman, for women, supervised by mom.

  • That's the way it should be !

  • A male urologist once told me that female urologists are "as rare as hen's teeth." Nevertheless, I actually did see a female urologist once. Take that for what it's worth. Anyway the CDC, The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, recommends that sexually active teen boys be circumcised, if they aren't already. If your step mom really is a urologist, she would certainly know that. She would also know how to perform a circumcision, and when it was being done correctly, to provide the best result, or desired outcome. So, in all fairness, these things may have also figured into her actions.

  • That's terrible. I gave birth to two boys, and I let them have their foreskins as God intended. If part of the reasoning that your stepmom had you circumcised was because of a UTI (totally, totally different issue), she should lose her medical license.

  • While it's understandable that you want to let your boys keep their foreskins, you may not realize that you're also letting them keep the ability to do some unwholesome and mischievous things, that you wouldn't approve of, (and no I don't mean m*st*rb*tion), and that these are things that boys who get a reasonably thorough snip can't do, and probably wouldn't even think of.

  • You shoulda had your boys cut. Women don't have boys circumcised just because of UTI's. There are a lot of other reasons that they don't talk about...

  • Women get their boys cut because they know it will make their sons more sexually attractive to women when they're grown.

  • Nothing better for any boy than a good tight, infant circumcision.

  • Bullshi.t

    I'm sick of all this American circumcision!
    Its not natural ,you're born with a foreskin,that's how its MEANT TO BE!
    you don't see me getting repulsed at womans l****'s and forcing them to chop them off!
    Its natural, if and only if its for medical reasons ie tightness then ok fair enough,but for cosmetics,nah. Its wrong.
    I wear my foreskin with pride! Never had an std,never had a smelly,never had s*****.
    Also,how do cut men wa.nk? For me its the foreskin going over the head that gives the sensation

  • "never had a smelly,..."

    What you really mean is YOU'VE never smelled it. Women have a much keener sense of smell than men. They can smell a lot of things you can't. Ever had a bl*wj*b, or is that also on your list of things you haven't had? If you're British, you wear your foreskin with pride because your government run health care system is broke, and doesn't want to pay for routine infant circumcisions.

  • Don't feed the trolls

  • Better still, Google the Greater Internet F*ckwad Theory.

  • FUCKYOU! I'm not fuckking noseblind! I wash,I'm clean and I've never smelt. I suppose you have a vag smelling of bleach do you? Nah love,pu$$y can smell way more offensive than c*** with all what you've got going on down there!!!
    And yes,I've had many b******* thanks.
    Shall we have your l.a.b.i.a chopped as an infant,as that'll stop your foul vaginal discharge surely??
    And the NHS is doing well thanks don't believe all you read, I take it you're a yank cu.nt?

  • Such eloquence! You must be an MP.

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