Uncomfortable in School

I'm in my second year of college. My friends and I go to school together which makes me happy. There is just one problem, one of their boyfriends is white and that makes me uncomfortable. I'm black, grew up in a Hispanic area, but I don't like white people. I need to be around them all the time now which I hate.

Black people joke about white-privilage and white people when no one is around. I'll laugh at those jokes (my friends don't).

My friend with a white bf says micro-agressions to me sometimes. He tells me to have a blessed day and invited me to go to church with him once.



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  • Fake!

  • You're a racist. Admit it and move on. I don't care though.

  • Don't start with racism dude. You are white and trying to spread the seeds of hate here.

  • Exactly. Look at the way it's written. Definitely not written by a black person. Most definitely white (or another ethnicity) posing as black. So pethetic.

  • Uh that's stereotyping the way its written cant tell you what color they are and anyone can hate any race lmaoo even..white.......

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