My religious belifes

Even though my parents are about christian, I don't believe in god or any christian believes. This is hard for me though because I grew up around mostly white people (I am also white) and now I go to a school with all most a full black population , and the people judge me because of my lack of beliefs.

Jul 9, 2016

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  • To the OP... what is a "belife?"

  • What does going to a black majority populated school, have anything to do with your religious beliefs?

  • ** them I judge them for believing in a human made ** story

  • I don't believe in a human-esque god like most religions, but I do believe that there is an underlying order behind all the ways that things work in the universe. I just use the word "God" as a placeholder for the order of the universe, and it allows me to still have conversations with religious people. They don't know that my "god" is natural law, but we still have a lot in common despite our differences.

  • I think I love you :)

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