I Need Advice about my Boyfriend

I'm a 17 year old girl, my boyfriend of 5 months is 19.

My boyfriend still sleeps with his stuffed animal (Bunny) and his blanky (Baby blanket). I think its kind of weird. I'm NEVER getting rid of my stuffed dog, but I don't sleep with it anymore. Sometimes when we go up to his room his Bunny and blanket will be on his bed undersecretary. He'll give then a hug before putting them away.

I don't want to laugh at him because I really like him, and I've never had a romantic bond with a boy like this before. I have some mental health issues and he is always a shoulder to lean on. He's had depression in the past so he understands me.

I saw him shaving after a shower and he was naked and he looked pretty manly, but I tried to not hold back a giggle because that muscular, well-endowned guy sleeps with his blanket and stuffed animal🤣😂🤤 I don't see myself leaving the guy that will stair deep into my eyes and tell me how beautiful they are, and tell me that I have "beautiful blond hair" any time soon.

Note: He sucks his thumb a little sometimes and thinks my noes (I hate my noes) is adorable.

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  • I have blankies and stuffed animals, too.

  • Sound's like a Biden voter.

  • He trash talks Biden all the time.

  • Put a diaper on him and show him whos boss

  • Hahah trying to be funny bit coin

  • Talk to him abt Mdlb he may be into it if you're not he could always have a platonic mommy

  • Platonic mommy seems more his thing. He's seen some crazy s*** on the internet but he said ddlg disturbed him the most.

  • Not sure what you need help with. Seems like a nice guy who allows himself to be vulnerable around you.

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