The 17 year old boy

Hey truth teller again. The 17 year old boy that shot and killed 2 people and blew the arm off of another person, I hope the little son of a b**** go’s to the penitentiary and I hope he gets his a****** hogged out ! No 1 ask him to come from another state and where did he get the ak-47 and how did he get it ! The bigot in the white house will probably pardon the racist piece of s*** !

Sep 3, 2020

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  • Hi from the year 2021! The little c.unt walked free, which tells you everything you need to know about the American "justice system". I don't know what's stopping liberals from doing the exact same thing in return, since that's all the conservatards are capable of understanding. You don't exactly need a fourth-grade education to pull a trigger, something conservatards need to be actively reminded of.

  • F** libertard go f*** your self and your new socialist government

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