So called president

This is truth teller of Tennessee you people need to know we have a white racists for a president and a w**** for a First Lady . He has not made America great again, but he has tore the United states apartment. He has bent all of us over and fuc&ed the s*** out of us and didn’t even use lube! You bigots that don’t like this can all go to h*** and be sure to take him with you!



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  • You all where happy last Christmas opening your presents. Because more of you where employed then ever unemployment was at 3% the lowest it's ever been. Then the world got a gift from China and scre wed everything up. You should be mad at China and want a President that will go after China and hold them responsible for this mess. Not a Demorat president that will let countries walk all over us like he did with Obama when he was vice president. If he gets elected hope you like the tax increases you will get and if you are in manufacturing you will get laid off when your company gives your job to China. Just because of the business tax rate Biden has already said we would raise.

  • Instead of bashing trump tell me what good the Democrats party has to offer? not bashing trump enough of that

  • Poor babies. Can't handle what you dish out, as usual? DEAL WITH IT.

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