Well to begin with I was the next to last of 12 kids and we were raised out of town.
My first sexual experience was with the daughter of not the priest but someone that works there.
She was older than me by a couple years and I attended that church when I lived in town with my older brother and his wife Susan would stay over and move all the folding chairs into the basement after classes and she asked me to stay over and help. I did and she had a key to lock up so we went to work and she always rubbed up against me when we would pass in the hallway and after the we finished she cornered me and started talking about s**... It looked like she and her older brother had been s******* each other for a long time and when she asked me if I had ever been with a girl I had to admit that I hadn't so she actually took charge and showed me what it was like so for several Sundays after that we would move the chairs then f*** on the folded up matts.
Well that lasted for the summer but when I went back home it ended.
I joined the Navy right after high school and served my three years then I was released.
Mom and Dad had moved to Calaveras county but my older sister had her family still lived there so I took a job working as a choker setter in the woods and Margaret told me I could live with them room and board for $100. a month so I moved into the attic.
They had 5 kids Carl just 4 years younger than me Mary , Ida . Peggy and David.
Margaret worked as a waitress and her husband worked in a bowling alley taking care of the machines .
One day it was on a Saturday and Mary was gone with friends and Peggy and David were also gone but Ida had stayed and was doing her school work I think she was 15 but I am not sure I was sitting on the couch cutting my fingernails when Ida came in and asked if I wanted her to help so I let her and she was working on my hands and we were talking but soon she became quiet and I could hear her breathing hard then she began to cry so I stood up and hugged her asking if she was OK and to my surprise she started kissing me I was surprised but Ida had grown up and she looked pretty damn good so I responded to her then she pulled me into her bedroom and we quickly removed all the clothes that was necessary.
It was clear that I was not her first lover but she was really tight and I only lasted a short time before I came in her then she wanted to do it again and she came very good to.
I knew it was wrong and so did she but we were unable to keep our hands off of one another all summer long every time we were alone we found a place to have s** and sometimes late at night she would sneak upstairs and wake me up getting in bed with me I was constantly worried that my sister would find out and I told Ida that we had to stop but it never lasted long and we were extremely lucky that she never got pregnant because we never uses any protective measures we just rutted like animals. By the end of the logging season I decided that it was best if I just picked up and left so I did.
We didn't see each other for years until a family reunion and god she was beautiful but she was married now to a really good man.
They had three kids and she came up to me and hugged me saying I understand but I love you.
Now even more years have passed but we still stay in contact but have never trespassed on our bounds but I think we were really what you would call star crossed lovers because she is still the only woman that I think ever loved although there have been many women in my past now I get along just fine with her husband and their children and I feel good when I am around them and when we scattered her Mothers ashes this last spring we had our family pictures taken and she was standing beside me with her arm around my waist and I could feel her warmth.
I have never had the urge to marry and every woman I have been with I secretly compare to her and all of them fall short of what I am looking for.
For years I have advertised in social networks for married woman and I have been successful so I don't do without s** many women answer my adds so I never lack for sexual release.
This post probably will never be seen because of the minors mentioned in it.

Sep 5, 2020

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  • This would have been fine before government said woman had to be 18

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