My ex Roxana C. Vasquez hot latina secretLife

I discovered my wife had a life that I didn't know about.
I found a box in the basement with some CDs in it. They weren't labeled so I decided to look at them before I threw them out. They were all of my wife and her lovers doing the s** act and in detail. I had never met any of her lovers so this was kind of a shock. Every one of these guys was over 6' 3 "or more. They were all well endowed if you know what i mean. I could never compete with what they had . Most of the time our s** was pretty good and we both enjoyed it but seeing these guys do every thing you could imagine to her made me wonder if she had been faking it with me. I could see she was having the time of her life in these movies
I know she is very athletic and has a large s** drive and is very good looking, so i guess she never had to go looking for it.
When this kind of thing happens you start to doubt yourself. Why did she marry me ? She could have had any man she wanted, she is out of my league on and on. I was driving myself crazy.
I got so crazy I started looking for more CDs of my wife. I never found any
When ever we are alone together I sneak a look at her and I imagine her with all those well endowed guys she had.
Well that's the story I am keeping an eye on her but I have to say she hasn't done any cheating to my knowledge. I guess if she wanted she could still have any man she wants and being a husband I would never know.

Sep 8, 2020

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  • A week before our wedding, my wife's previous boyfriend sent me several videos of them having s**. I think that he wanted us to break up. But I found that I really enjoyed watching my fiancee with another guy between her legs filling her up with his come. I have never told her about the videos but I have watched them for the last 15 years and still enjoy them knowing that my wife enjoyed s** with another guy before me.

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