I wanted to be a cop....

I wanted to be a cop. my family comes from a long line of law enforcement and nurses...blue collar. I’m so proud of them and I wanted to be a cop! I was so excited. Went to college for it. Graduated and got ready to join. Then the riots started. What’s the problem you ask? I am a black female. I wanted to be a detective, capture criminals and protect and support my community. But with everything going on I feel like not only am I doing my people a disservice (even though having someone moderate like me would be good and fair for the people) but I feel like I would just be seen as a joke. So I gave up and joined the military which we also have a long line in our family and I will wear the uniform with pride and contentment. But I can’t help but feel heartbroken my first life dream won’t come true. I feel like a coward.

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  • What if some ** is doing a drive by and you're the one who stops him killing a bunch of kids?

    What if you're meant to rescue a kitten? Help people in an accident? Talk to children? Do toy drives for Christmas?

    It's okay to be black
    It's okay to be white
    It's okay to be brown
    It's okay to be red
    It's okay to be yellow.

    We're all human; we all bleed red. Always follow your dreams. I am white. I would never look at any officer or detective with contempt merely for melanin or ethnicity. All I care about is how he/she behaves as a cop.

    Where I live, police are male, female, short, tall, fat, skinny, white, black, Latino et al.

  • You arent doing a disservice aslong as you don't drastically kill people go out there and be a cop your people actually need

  • That's not cowardice, you just realized that you had a different opinion or even that your perception of the job changed, joining the military is an amazing achievement and I hope your family is proud of you.
    You changed from serving and protecting the American people from Americans to protecting and serving them from outside sources at the expense of your life, you are extremely brave, I hope you have a fulfilling career and life through your service.

  • All you people shut up. The police in America killed Breonna Taylor all over again. ** the police. Get rid of the police.

  • I was a cop for 20 years and we used to beat the ** out of low life hood rats in the projects back in the 80’s. These were hardened criminals but they feared us, placing needs to go back to those standards.

  • Most black people don't support BLM according to recent surveys. The media and Hollywood is telling you lies.

  • You are right
    Blacks don't support BLM

  • Are you saying that your people will be better off without police? That's funny. Gallup just had a poll with 81% black support for law enforcement. You are either deeply brainwashed or a shill or both. Either way, goodbye bot.


  • Are you Mexican?? Speak English. This is America

  • Yeah man, this isn’t la raza **, speak English

  • You've shown that you care for ALL your fellow human beings by not responding in kind to those here who have reflexively and mindlessly criticized you. Thank you for being such a proper example of lovingkindness. Be well my friend.

  • Thank you for your kind words 🙏🏾🙏🏾

  • Oh no spaghettios

  • The riots aren't caused by "your people," unless you're a leftist. BLM doesn't stand for Black lives mattering anymore. It's a movement to implement Marxism in America and destroy traditional families. It says so on their website. As far as cops go, 99% of them are good people who want to do the right thing. On a very small percentage are bad.

    As for the military, best of luck to you. I'm sure you'll do well. You could still become an LE officer after your term of service.

  • I'm not well informed on this matter, but don't the just want to defund the police so we can put more money and resources into educating, rehabilitating and helping people? I'm also curious what you mean by "traditional family", I can't tell if this is a jab against gay couples, interracial couples or both.

  • The KKK has ruined this country

  • All hate groups do....The KKK, Neo-Nazis, BLM. They're all hate groups.

  • You are a hate group. White boy shut up

  • Eat ** you monkey

  • You should have become a cop. Instead of avoiding the organization that is hated, join it and change it from within. You missed a great opportunity to make a real difference in your community. At least you get to go to other countries to kiss people who look, act and speak nothing like you....like the colonialists did.

  • Join the COP crew to kill black people.
    I'm laughing right now.
    Join the KKK, you can kill black people all you want.
    Boy grow up, you are no help to america.

  • Kill not kiss OP

  • Don't correct me idiot

  • Your remarks --- ---- both of them --- are moronic, illiterate, and wildly out of place. And so are YOU. I'd ask our favorite member of the U.S. military to please forgive you, but it would be beneath her, and would waste her time.

  • The military????
    You americans hate the military.
    But when you need help, you call then
    Isis is laughing at you dummies

  • Yeah, they laughing while we chase they infected anuses across the desert toward the edge of the earth. They all gone get run off and fall into the sun.They so over.so over.all over.

  • No they not. You just wait and see

  • Agreed, thank you

  • You are not welcome moron

  • Jesus said he didn't come here to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransome for many. You, too, clearly recognize servancy as your purpose in life, which, to my eye, places you on the side of the angels,my dear, and on the side of our Lord and Savior. That's pretty good company, if you ask me.
    God bless you and all you do with this life you've been given. I say you're off to a grand start!!!

  • Leave God out.

  • Thank you!❤️

  • Wrong

  • Thank you ❤️

  • You are not welcome

  • Join the military.

  • You don't need to be cop. Blacks don't need anymore cops in America. Stay dumb as usual at your boring job.

  • Nothing you can say will hurt me I’ve been through and heard worse. Nice try though lol

  • Oh really? You seem very fragile five comments down, preciosa xD

  • Jealous aren't you

  • Lol sure, you’re entitled to your beliefs and freedom of speech which is what I’ll be protecting over seas even though you’ve posted aggressive and unhelpful comments. Even though you’ve been rude I’ll be fighting for you and your freedom. I’ll still take good advice from you if you want to offer it but I don’t see how thanking someone for great advice is fragile, but whatever you want to believe is fine. 👍🏾

  • What are you a soldier?? I sure hope you are not a cop

  • Not even signed up yet and already playing the "don't worry I'll fight for your freedoms even though you hurt my widdle fee-fees" card.

    Just... wow.

    So yes, you are fragile. Keep up with the snotnose faux outrage and proving the point.

  • Hahah ok 👍🏾

  • Hahah true :)

  • You are no coward, not by a very, VERY long shot. The military is not a consolation prize for someone like you, and the military NEEDS people like you. You have the heart of a true servant, and that will be evident in anything you do. My recommendation is for you to join the military police, allowing you exposure to both forms of law enforcement. MPs are a really tough bunch, and a really smart bunch, and you will learn all manner of investigation techniques and technology. Then, when your enlistment is up, you can decide whether to stay in the military as a career(perhaps climbing into the Secret Service chain), or come out and STILL go into conventional law enforcement or private/corporate security, maybe even internationally. There are LOTS of utterly fascinating --- and highly profitable --- things you can do with the experience and learning you'll have by then. By the time you're out, there will surely be a different relationship between the public and the police, and no one will question your choice, much less your honor. But don't ever allow perception to dictate your life or employment choices. You will only become a joke if you make one of yourself, or if you act like the job is one. But you are clearly too dedicated to serving others, and to being a part of the solution rather than a part of the problem, to EVER give anyone the impression that you are anyone or anything other than precisely who or what you are. THANK YOU FOR ALL THE SERVICE YOU WILL GIVE OVER THE COURSE OF YOUR LIFE. The world will be a better place for having you in it. it already is. And trust me . . . your family is going to be INCREDIBLY proud of you. Forever. FOR. EVER.

  • He is a coward

  • Thank you so so much for this. Like you have no clue what your kind words have done for me. Thank you.

  • What kind words. I'm confused

  • You being a police officer would be a great service to all colored people in the USA.

  • Colored people????. Don't call black people that. That's just plain racist. You white people are savages and animals. And ** too

  • You just answered a racist comment with another racist comment. I'd suggest keeping things on an adult level.

  • And so what

  • So some kinds of racism are okay and others aren't? Well, since you don't get to decide that for everybody, let's all just keep being racists and screeching like toddlers every time someone besides us is racist. That seems to be working out pretty well for the r3tards in the audience, including OP

  • You are white, you always been racists. Stop changing people. We are not the same

  • >>That seems to be working out pretty well for the r3tards in the audience

    Naturally, King R3tard really really needed to weigh in

  • Oh shut up with your constant cries of "racism." It exists, but you love to pretend to see it where it isn't so you can yell and cry and play victim.

    Sane people are over it.

  • You shut up

  • Nope. Gonna call out stupidity when I see it. Don't like it? Zip it. You won't stop me.

  • Go away idiot. You don't matter

  • "colored peole"? Are you being intentionally dismissive?

  • Dismissive

  • In the UK “coloured” is often the preferred term to “black”. Getting upset about such a small thing is idiots with little to do.

  • Actually, "Coloured" is an outdated term in the UK. Even if it wasn't outdated, I know some individuals of black racial ethnicity, that don't like this terminology and find it offensive.

    Regardless of whatever racial ethnicity I have, I'm British. I was born in the UK and that's all that matters to me. A person's racial ethnicity is unimportant to me, as long as a person has a good nature and tears others with respect, that's what counts. Each to their own :)

  • Which is a lot of people in the US. Baseball used to be the national pastime, now it's Being Offended By EveryFuckingThing

  • So perfectly true. So perfectly sad.

  • Not true

  • Extremely true

  • Well, I'm offended by stupid mouthy people looking for reasons to be offended, so that kind of American can just take a ** seat already

  • Go be offended

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