I purposely eat a little bit of my allergies

I’ve always had to compete with my parent attention but they still ignore me, but blame me when bad things happen so to get out of it I put a little bit of peanut butter on my lips and arms(if I eat a lot, I need an epipen) she then they feel guilty if they yell at me. I’ve only done this twice, but I hope they don’t notice!

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  • I'm already dead, you dumb morons. Can't you read

  • Dead people can't type, you dumb moron

  • Eat a lot, then. Dead kids get lots of attention, haven't you noticed?

  • Don't do that but go see an Allergist. They do that in a controlled manner to help you with your allergy. Just like a bee keeper can survive a 100 stings and have no problems where that would kill most of us. They have a built up immune system.

  • Stupid move, albert. Stop doing that before it gets you dead!

  • ^ Correct! ^

  • So what's the downside here? One less idiot on the planet? Imma buy OP some Reeses Cups

  • LOL! Perfect response!

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