Do you know belly bloating?

It's embarrassing not being able to talk about this but ... I really like girls with a bloated stomach and chubby girls but I can't talk to anyone about it, and I looked for information about it on the internet but I would like to talk to someone about that without looking like a simp

Sep 16, 2020

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  • Don't drink beer

  • This is so hot. I’m in the same position with my girlfriend’s mother. She just turned 42 and I am in my very early 30s. Let’s call her M. She has 44ddd b****** and she is just gorgeous. She is white and I’m black. I’ve been crushing on her since I was a kid and m********* about us having the exact same session. I want her so bad. Every few weeks I grab one or two of her panties, c** in them and let the c** set in. Then return them to her dirty clothes and let her wash them. I know she has to know by now. It makes the flirting so hot. Sometimes she acts like she is distant and it worries me then out of the blue she start flirting and I know we good. I love my girlfriend but her mom and I will always have this connection that dates back to puberty

  • Any comment on this confession questioning him about it is the OP himself trying to save his dead fetish move along people

  • Time you find some new material.

  • You've been on this site for years with your lameass fetish, and every time you act like this is your first time fishing for info. You are way, WAY past the point of looking like a simp

  • I too like older women with a belly. It turns me on. I Had s** with a friend of our she was at least 250 lbs. I want her again so badly

  • Why on earth would any man want to f*** a fat bird ? Explain. I don't get it.

  • I find a big ass to be so sexy.. when I did that bbw I loved it so much. Nothing like getting behind a big fat ass and going doggie style with her.might have been the best s** in a long long time.

  • I agree with you sir...being getting crush by fat ass and belly is awesome and there is a lot to eat

  • ^ OP ^

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