Have to get this out to forgive myself

As a kid/teenager I did several weird s***** things that I have since grown out of but I don’t even know why they happened in the first place because they were things with at had instant regret tied to them. When I was around 7/8 I dry humped the family dog on the back and when it tried to get up I used the shock collar. Also I used my moms vibrators until age 15 when I could get my own. In addition to that I read and watched incest p*** about a Handful of times. I regret it all and wish I could go back and change time. I feel like an alien who isn’t human or like I should d** or don’t deserve to be here. I wish I had therapy as a kid it was more monitored. I just feel guilt and don’t know how to deal

29 days

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  • You were a stupid kid that wasn't properly looked after. Get on with your life now.

  • Buy your mom a new vibrator and don't shock the dog when you hump it

  • Or better yet- don't hump the dog at all!

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