Secret session with SIL

So, this just happened 2 weekends ago! My wife and I was visiting the in-laws and her sisters organized a get together dinner. We arrived half an hour earlier because my wife wanted to help with the preparations but when we arrived, her younger sister “K” arrived much earlier than us and had already started on the drinks.

As my wife helped in the kitchen, I went out to the patio where there is a outdoor table with large cloth covering it and surrounded by corner couches. I sat at one corner up against the wall under the kitchen window and started cracked a beer. Not long after, K came over to me and sat next to me and took the corner spot while I wriggled to right under the kitchen window. We started talking and very soon she started asking personal questions relating to s** positions and which I favoured and so on and so on.

Next, she moved her hands to my thighs as I was about to drink and luckily, I cough it out. She quickly undid my string belt and slid her hand under my shorts to start stroking my already erected c***. She squeezed hard and slowly wanked it up and down until she could feel the pre-c** where she rubbed it and licked it. I moved my hands down her pants and started to rub her slit and pushed my finger slightly into her p**** and what a tight p**** she had.

The house had an area behind the house for smokers and she signalled to go there. She went first as she was a smoker but because I wasn’t, I went around the other way and jumped the fence to meet up with her. Right away she dropped to her knees and whipped out my c*** and started to suck on it. She gave me the best b******* in a long while. I must move heaven and earth to get my wife to do such things so never happens. She sucked it dry and then bent over and pulled her panties to reveal a wet p****. I slid my solid c*** into her p**** and started to f*** the s*** out of her. She was covering her mouth limit her heavy breathing.

She then said she wasn’t on the pills and was afraid of getting pregnant, so I pulled out and without asking, moved my c*** to her ass and slowly slid it in. I could tell she was in pain because she grabbed me a started to squeeze my legs hard until I was all the way in where she felt more at ease. As I started to push slowly letting her get used to it, she said she was a a*** virgin and I had taking her ass! She was so excited she asked I speed up which I dis considering how tight her ass was. After a few minutes of fast action, I decided to finish it and pounded the f*** out of her ass. She was about to scream but held it in until I off loaded every drop of c** into her ass. She stood up instantly and said she wanted to keep it in there and quickly dressed.

Sep 16, 2020

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  • Why was she breathing heavily

  • This is so hot. I’m in the same position with my girlfriend’s mother. She just turned 42 and I am in my very early 30s. Let’s call her M. She has 44ddd b****** and she is just gorgeous. She is white and I’m black. I’ve been crushing on her since I was a kid and m********* about us having the exact same session. I want her so bad. Every few weeks I grab one or two of her panties, c** in them and let the c** set in. Then return them to her dirty clothes and let her wash them. I know she has to know by now. It makes the flirting so hot. Sometimes she acts like she is distant and it worries me then out of the blue she start flirting and I know we good. I love my girlfriend but her mom and I will always have this connection that dates back to puberty.

  • I've been chasing my mother-in-law almost ever since I married her daughter over two years ago. I am twice as old as my wife now (46 to barely 23) so her mother and I are virtually the same age, and we have more in common than my wife and I do. For one thing, my wife doesn't take it up the chute but her mother really loves it and she lets me eat her ass and f*** it deep. The mother loves sending me home to the daughter from one of our a*** sessions sometimes with some of her s*** still on my d*** and even a tiny bit still smeared even
    upon my lips and tongue. I actually even love how filthy she gets and how she runs the show.

  • The if she's a smoker then she surely a pretty hot POA so keep going after her till you have her long-term and dont ease off. Pedal to the metal bro!

  • Oh my God!

    That is sooo hot. It made me so wet.

    How long have you been married?

    How old is your SIL?

    How old are you and how big is your c***?

    I’m 48 and an a*** virgin. I want it but scared to do it

  • Had me squirming and creaming, too. Wish I could find a man that devoted to me!

  • I'm 39WF and also analvirgin, although I have used a medium size d**** on my ass and loved it. My husband (of 19 years) isn't "into" a*** at all, not even a*** play. I have a younger boyfriend at the moment who rims me routinely and I'm sure he would take me to "the next level", but I'm a little afraid if I felt him in my ass I would go "total a*** insane" and chase him down every day to get him to power f*** my back door. Is that what scares you, too? That it will make you want it all the time??

  • I’ve never even had a d**** in my ass. I’m scared it will hurt and even worse be really messy

  • Don't over think it, Michael Bolton says it best: "how can we make love if we can't make a mess"

    Start gentle and at times tell him to completly pull it out before re-entering and pushing deeper.

    You'll get used to it and soon you'll want more, trust me I know. Every girl I've a*** f***** has asked for more!!!

  • Oh wow! Do you live near Houston? Maybe you can be my first

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