Emasculated the black man

Why are women emasculating men into a woman?. I see that in white women doing that. And the white culture cut off the black man ** so he can be a woman for the white man. Buck breaking is nasty. The white slave owner started this gay thing and then they tried to throw the bible in it to hide what they are doing wrong to the slave black man. There are no black men in America no more. Black women are going to be turning into men now to satisfy the white culture. I mean to make white women. And not scared of the strong black woman.

Next Confession

My Teacher

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  • American woman
    Stay away from me

  • Kill women

  • You are late friend. White women and black woman and gay as Holly weird is turning black men into some cake with frosting. Look at Diane wade. I been knew his hurt is gay. Look what he did yo his soon. Soon to be girl. Men are weak and scared. The cops are gay too. Don't trust them. they kill black men because the black will not give up the booty. Its true baby. Why would anybody would believe me. I'm anti woman. And I'm a woman. Go figure.

  • I can't stand women they always doing the most

  • White women are doing the same thing. They do that because they can't control women. No woman control me. Because I hate women and I'm anti woman. I have power that no woman can take from me.

  • Your life is a black and white TV add some colours ..will ya

  • That means he is gay. Oh my God! Men are screwed

  • Shut up dirty lesbian and leave children alone

  • Black OP has a white tampon stuck up his tiny little p3n!s. He will not stop bellyaching until it's out and he has the gender surgery he desperately wants. He is not capable of thinking in colours, and he'll be by any minute now to say something dumb and bitter.

  • Black??? You must be a woman
    Women lives don't matter!!

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